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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there, I just noticed that the ipad version doesn't stop the user from retouching protected layers immediately (repair, clone etc tools). It takes a few seconds after opening a project until the protection starts working and changes wont be applied anymore. I have neither tested if the same happens on the desktop version or if other types of changes like painting on the layer would work as well.
  2. Just a bit of fun while I try to learn how to do things the Affinity Photo way. This is a recreation of something I did a long time ago with GIMP. I wanted to know how easy it would be to retouch a very low-res image. It’s not perfect but I’m learning a little bit at a time. Still have a very long way to go though. A better resolution version of the image I was playing around with can be found here: https://www.tampabay.com/nation-world/sailor-in-iconic-world-war-ii-kiss-photo-in-times-square-dies-at-95-20190218/
  3. Hello People Hello Dev's and Team Well today i'll make it simple for this amazing product we love. I would suggest a new Special Filter to be developed and implemented on Affinity Photo. The Skin Tone Live filter This Special filter should take care of helping the user to process skin tone adjustment in a Pro way and with ease of use. it should come with a tonal range picking tool that allow to pick and a set the initial/reference point/color range we would like to apply into areas we wish to correct. The filters should be Live and Non Destructive allowing a anytime tuning. The same filter should also include slider that will help us achieve things like Smoothing etc... like existing Filters is should have a Mask in it so we can paint the adjustment on specific areas we think we need to correct. let's say i want to make a model skin uniform, i would select the skin color Filter, use its picking/tonal range selection tool and click on the area that i think is the good/best tonal reference point, once i get that point it becomes what i will paint using brush tool in areas i think should be corrected, then i paint into areas i want to uniform to see them updated with selected tonal range and from the same Filter i should also the able to slide left or right (starting from center) to smooth or sharpen the applied skin tone. This should help us spend less time working on model/portrait skin tone but gain great results. if others can learn from us then we too can learn from them but make it 1000 times better than how it offered/presented actually. That was my suggestion for Affinity Photo. Blessings !
  4. Hello Peoples ! I've been working on a photo project and needed to remove some blemish then ... found that the dedicated tool for that have some limitations that needs to improved. Okay ! let's compare it with the inPainting tool menu and we will see that for manual work there are really missing stuffs in there, exemple: - BRT can't process Non-Destructively yet (which is not a good thing if we work out of develop persona) - BRT doesn't offer pen presure in order to control the thing - BRT is not that area/content aware as it should be - BRT in the develop persona always display Blemish: None, which is not true considering i've loaded a photo with blemishes so the automatic blemish detection is not working as expected here and should be improved. in fact, in the develop personal the operation should be more automated with the possibility to fine tune it, it should auto-detect all blemishes then point them and allow us to fine tuning it by removing points that we know are not blemishes but a misinterpretation of the software detection process. on the other hand it should be possible in the Photo persona to create a blank/empty pixel layer and do the work from that layer with appropriate settings like Pen Presure control, hardness, flow, opacity and width ... only to list that. it is actually not a suggestion but a request for tool improvement ... BTW i invite the entire community to bring up some ideas on how each one feels it could be improved because i may be missing things here or simply not understanding the Serif philosophy regarding that same tool. Blessings !
  5. hello I'm wondering if there's a way to add pores like in this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUqO2ZQVDp4
  6. So, I finally had some time to play around a bit with Affinity Photo. Took this old photo I shot, and did all the editing in A-Photo. Not bad for a few minutes worth of testing. Inluded the original image and the retouched image.
  7. I want to remove stains from the photo, what's the easiest approach? Such as on uploaded images.
  8. Just showin the capabilities of retouching photos with affinity photo for iPad. A before and after
  9. Here’s some of my photo manipulation done in my love: affinity photo for iPad dont challenge me here, because I care less if your work is better than mine, rather I care if you yourself like your work as well as mine to share with me and all who feel the same describe your techniques, how long it took, anything original about your workflow... leave SE your raw assets if you want, let’s create a discussion about improving how we use affinity
  10. Here’s some of my photo manipulation done in my love: affinity photo for iPad dont challenge me here, because I care less if your work is better than mine, rather I care if you yourself like your work as well as mine to share with me and all who feel the same describe your techniques, how long it took, anything original about your workflow... leave SE your raw assets if you want, let’s create a discussion about improving how we use affinity
  11. I am new to Affinity. I mainly purchased for the Photos Retouch extension. Is Retouch used in this manner considered a destructive editor? Or is the original file preserved? Kevin
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rkBADJIrTQ&t=0s great channel/ great explanation everything is doable in the current App Store Version of AP even offers image as download if you register post alternatives, better options for this workflow in AP (e.g. using clipping using curves instead of selecting+filling=masking) cheers //for more tips, KLICK << (especially clipping, curves, blend if)
  13. Hey guys! Thank's for your app, it's great! Makes some of my routine tasks much faster =) In my work I really get used to check the pic with before/after. In PS it's very easy to do with picking the history state you need and then just jumping back and forth with just one button combination cmd+z. What I'm saying is that I can jump in PS between the state I need in the middle of history and the last state in history using cmd+z only. Unfortunately that doesn't work in AP. I have to use slider or manually scroll through the history. Which is not convenient at all when I need to check if I'm not over dodging/burning... Please, add this option in future releases! Thousands of retouchers would be happy! Oh, and also is there a way to use Frequency Separation with 3 level separation? Adding extra frequency in between will increase precision and accuracy of retouch, especially with high-end portraits.
  14. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I've been working on a secret project the past couple of months. It's a website dedicated to offer post-production tools for Affinity Photo, mainly for photo retouchers: color presets, retouch brushes, texture overlays, etc. Also, I've been working on a photo retouch eBook with complementary videos for AP, which probably will be released there when finished... The site it's finally in pre-release, that means that I'm still working to finish the first assets, but today you can have a (small, small) taste (almost a little bite) of what of what you can expect out of it. It's a FREE Pack called: FAUX 77 A collection of 8 Macros for AP that emulates the vintage looks of the pictures from the late seventies. You can look at some examples and more details in the link below :) As with Frankentoon, you just have to give your email, and the download link will be sent to your inbox. You can unsubscribe later if you wish. But if you are interested in the project and want to know more about future releases and free sample packs you can stay :) This website will be growing as I'm adding content through the next weeks. I would like to know what you think and which kind of tools for AP you'd like to find there. Cheers! Enrique
  15. Hello, I am photographer specialized in the panoramic photo 360 °. The possibility of retouch in a modified projection would be of a big help in my work. It would make economy of the additional conversions (equirectangular / cubic / equirectangular) and would facilitate the retouch of nadirs or of zones that covers 2 cubic faces in the same time. The promise of this feature was the main cause of my purchase of Affinity Photo. Unfortunately there is a bug in this function (version 1.5.CR). Please analyze screenshots in attached files. I repeated the experience 4 times with the same result. I use iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late on 2015, with memory of 8 Go + AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 Mb, macOS Sierra 10.12. Screen 1 I opened with Affinity Photo a panorama 360° saved as the equirectangular projection. Screen 2 I changed the display of the projection (equirectangular to the rectilinear) and I chose the centring to visualize the zone to be retouched. Screen 3 The routouche was made but I lost the possibility of navigation inside a sphere 360 ° (impossible to make the next centring and next retouch), my panorama 360 °/180 ° became a simple, rectilinear picture, reframed during retouching process. To get back the whole equirectangular panorama, I decided to leave the rectilinear projection. Screen 4 I noticed on the equirectangular panorama: - My retouch was made. - 2 strips extracted from my panorama were placed by the top (in the same layer). Kind regards, Hubas
  16. Hi everyone. I recently switched from PS to Affinity Photo, absolutely loving it. My only issue is the lack of retouching tutorials for high fashion portraits, I am still learning the ropes with Affinity, so any links to tutorials or tips on things like contouring, ect, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone! Yesterday I watched one of the Affinity tutorials and realized that I have an old photo that needed a little TLC. Here is a link to the images https://www.flickr.com/gp/21393594@N03/5q1oF0 It took me about 1/2 hr to do this. I used the inpainting brush tool for the tear on either side of him and a combination of the clone tool and inpainting brush for the part of the picture that my uncle Harry is in along with random area's around the outer edges of the photo. I was amazed at how easy it was. It would have taken me several hours of cloning in photoshop to get this done I am sure! Thanks Affinity! Larry
  18. Right now, it is impossible to work in Affinity for real as it's missing many pro features. One of them is having my healing brush settings saved so that whenever I enable that tool it's left how I set it up - Brush shape, Current & Below, Align, etc. The solution with Brush window is not practical. I use very flat healing brush (1% shape) and it's not working in Affinity. Not only that, but also ALT-clicking is not responsive enough for a serious job. There's a tremendous lag, the cross hair is not shrinking accordingly to brush size. Also, optional tools that are located under J shortcut should require a shift to press in order not to switch on accidentally. Professional workflows show aim for speed and efficiency, neither of which Affinity Photo is providing in sufficient detail at the moment.
  19. As luck would have it my friend Shelly Cannon of http://www.shellycannon.com texted me out of the blue today to touch up this photo for her real quick. She wanted the colors softer and whatnot. First time ever using Affinity and pretty happy with how it turned out. I think if she had a higher resolution photo to supply me with and/or it wasn't on the brown background I could've done even more with it. Original: Basic touched up and colors how she wanted them: And then for fun and to explore more of Affinity's features I dropped her into a photo from unsplash.com and did some more color work and added two light sources:
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