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  1. Second this request for Opacity. I see Paekke shows a menu here with it but I've not been able to locate this menu: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10563-brushes-and-wacom/ (perhaps better tutorials and guides are in order as well)
  2. Paekke, where is the menu in your image? These are what I'm finding which doesn't match:
  3. Just to add when doing Levels please be sure to also implement something similar to the Alt Click+Slider that Photoshop has. Makes it much easier for finding the starting and stopping points. Not too sure what's correct name is, if you need me to screenshot what I'm referring to let me know.
  4. Hey all including hopefully some of the developers. I just heard about Palette Gear which Press Release shows launched two months ago. I just sent them an email and hoping some others will too. Maybe if enough of us tell them we'd like it to have full compatibility with Affinity products they'll implement it. I for one would love to get in on them as a holiday gift to myself. If anyone and especially the Affinity Developers could try to push the Palette Gear guys to support Affinity it would be fantastic. Here's the exact email I sent if anyone wants a template:
  5. Hi, I did Affinity Photo Beta but decided to hold off until Publisher comes out. Is there a running feature list of the initial Publisher release? I don't do books/magazines, though I have, but do want to make sure it has a few features I use for other less interesting projects (Catalogs, Business Cards, Letters) like: Character Styles Paragraph Styles Object Anchors Master Pages Data Merge hopefully with multiple records per page availble (and done better than the strange InDesign implementation) Advanced Find & Replace with Wild Cards, maybe even RegEx/GREP Thanks for any insight you can provide!
  6. As luck would have it my friend Shelly Cannon of http://www.shellycannon.com texted me out of the blue today to touch up this photo for her real quick. She wanted the colors softer and whatnot. First time ever using Affinity and pretty happy with how it turned out. I think if she had a higher resolution photo to supply me with and/or it wasn't on the brown background I could've done even more with it. Original: Basic touched up and colors how she wanted them: And then for fun and to explore more of Affinity's features I dropped her into a photo from unsplash.com and did some more color work and added two light sources:
  7. Thanks for the information, and glad you want to keep it private! Really enjoy using it and looking forward to whatever you all do for Desktop Publishing so I can completely scrap my CC Subscription.
  8. What is the relationship between Affinity and Serif? Will Serif's products such as PhotoPlus X7 remain as the Windows option or will eventually both Windows and Mac be running the more elegant Affinity line? I'm also really curious as to the end-game plan. IPO or selling out as I imagine Adobe, Corel, Google and others will quickly take notice. Hope there's some way for us early adopters to get in on any IPO before the institutions :D

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