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  1. affinity could I pleasssssse suggest you make the mixer brush in affinity photo for ipad able to clear itself after every stroke automatically that would drastically help on beauty retouching or retouching period in affinity photo for ipad. This will change the game in affinity as far as beauty retouches. I promise you you will see and increase of adobe users converting over thank you in advance for possibly doing this in a future update
  2. One you get the Mixer brush to clear itself after every stroke automatically. you are going to blow photoshop out of the water. I have gotten so many people to come over to affinity photo. i've been using it since day one for the ipad plus I have youtube tutorials on portrait retouching. however a lot of people keep asking about the mixer brush. so I know once you get that there will be no reason for photoshop when it comes to portrait retouching. i've been trying to come up with a workaround but if you can that would be something that will really get a lot of photographers to come over to affinity photo for ipad in the urban community because they rely on that mixer brush big time!! Danny Blvck
  3. I need to free up space but with new update how do I save my project to the cloud.
  4. sorry been away for awhile. the make up artist had her face black and the gold accents i just used the frequency separation and retouched her up to make the skin smooth instead of rocky. did some dodging and burning to the gold and her eyes.
  5. Created this look using Affinity photo for ipad with the smooth retouch then I used the lighting filter to put the emphasis on the face all done on the ipad. To give her that Female Black Panther look
  6. Entered a retouch contest for Affinity photo for the ipad and actually won. Here is the winning photo after retouch with layers to show that i used my ipad
  7. Just showin the capabilities of retouching photos with affinity photo for iPad. A before and after
  8. Hello every Im Danny Blvck professional photographer and retoucher. I use affinity photo for iPad and love it. Now it’s the only program I use for editing and retouching. Nice to meet everyone Danny Blvck
  9. thank you! i def love this program. it's the only app i use to edit all my photos
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