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  1. I have noticed that you can set the marker to include metadata in the export options field an it even saves that state. But it still doesnt include the data for slices but leaves a small info-button telling you if the data will be included in your chosen slice or not (the text is different for the main slice where you get your meta). How programmers can take the energy to lay this path instead of actually using the user selection as it is and writing that little information beyond my understanding...
  2. Yes, it does still happen. Not very much details I could provide at this point. Just open up a dozen files or two and try closing them without applying changes. It will not crash but at some point it will start taking small eternitys for closing a file without applying changes (i went the patient path out of curiosity: closing a file may take between 2 to 5 minutes) If you aren't patient enough and force quit the program it will of course start up again with all files opening again and you are at square zero again. the only path out of that loop is that with each restart it may open one or two files less than before.
  3. Yes, that is what I meant. Well then we have to change the topic in 'retouching sometimes wont be applied' because thats what happens. But sadly I do not have an recipe to recreate a problem. I thought it would be because of the locked layers but if that is not the case, it has to be something else.
  4. Hi there, In the Export persona, is there a way to include a specific layer for one slice only (between various other slices)? So far I know I can exclude a specific layer/group of layers for all slices by unchecking the eye mark. But I want to do like the opposite. For example: I have a usual project file with the original image, various changes in multiple layers and groups. On top of that is a soft-proof profile placed as well as some smaller tweaks for printing. Now if I export those image I want copys for the digital media without those printing tweaks, so I simply uncheck those. But for printing I want a dedicated filename_print.tiff with those printing tweaks applied on top. I know I can go the long road and do two exports but that somewhat defies the logic behind the export persona. And if I try to create a slice from a selection of layers it creates one slice per layer which obviously also isn't what I want.
  5. Hi there, I just noticed that the ipad version doesn't stop the user from retouching protected layers immediately (repair, clone etc tools). It takes a few seconds after opening a project until the protection starts working and changes wont be applied anymore. I have neither tested if the same happens on the desktop version or if other types of changes like painting on the layer would work as well.
  6. Yes, that is absolutely logical and from that point of view it makes sense. But I noticed the battery drain before I started using the liquify layer. Since you asked I mentioned the liquify live layer but honestly I just mentioned that one because you asked and I knew nothing else. Can we just forget the mentioning of the layer at all? Of course it makes sense that the liquify layer will use more energy (but honestly: 1% per minute would still be insane if it only were that!). As mentioned its hard to exactly replicate. But using the same project files still left on the device its using more battery than before. I havent benchmarked that before and after so its hard to put the finger on hard numbers and I can only tell what I think have experienced from my subjective point of view.
  7. Please dont close this since its not (only) about the live liquify layer but general sluggish behavior and battery drain. So could you please de-duplicate this? Do you have any idea that it may be tied to certain functions like filters? I wasnt able to replicate the problem exactly. Sometimes it drains a lot of the battery (30% in half an hour which would be around the same you experienced), sometimes its very little. Could you please try a very basic project in comparison (like 1 layer and only simple pixel edits)? But even then we could argue that more complicated features need more calculating power and thus more energy. But 1% per minute is insane! Oh and welcome to the forum! I am still new here myself but the people are very friendly and helpfull. We are in good hands!
  8. Since 1.9.1 is out I did test again. No changes so far with export taking 2:07 minutes for my example file.
  9. Thank you. I am looking forward to your results. If there is anything else I can provide: Please let me know.
  10. Hi there, Affinity Photo freezes almost every time when I close an file without making a change. You would expect it to close the file smoothly but even without having to safe anything or even loading another file it often produces just freezes. I am using a rather old iMac 2011 with High Sierra. Can someone confirm the situation? I also included a copy of the problem report the system creates for sending to apple. Maybe there is something useful in there. freeze report.txt
  11. Has there been anything happening since then? I am still guessing its more on the side of logi to implement it in their driver but either way it would require communication between both sides.
  12. Where do I have to go to then, if I was hoping for feedback and discussion over a suggestion?
  13. a forum isn't really that useful if a topic dies in fresh without being seen...
  14. its mostly with liquify layers involved (I have an separate topic ongoing about that with an example file included). For exporting an image (to take the example from the other topic) its 2:30min with an liquify mask applied on my iMac while it takes only 4 seconds without it. Yes, my iMac is old (2011) and I do expect a slight decrease in performance with every update but thats just incredible. I have worked a lot with live masks before and never had any issues but the liquify live mask is on a whole different stage.
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