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  1. So we have the big version 2 now and Serif staff still thinks its not necessary to keep metadata in all exported slices
  2. I have noticed that you can set the marker to include metadata in the export options field an it even saves that state. But it still doesnt include the data for slices but leaves a small info-button telling you if the data will be included in your chosen slice or not (the text is different for the main slice where you get your meta). How programmers can take the energy to lay this path instead of actually using the user selection as it is and writing that little information beyond my understanding...
  3. Hi there, In the Export persona, is there a way to include a specific layer for one slice only (between various other slices)? So far I know I can exclude a specific layer/group of layers for all slices by unchecking the eye mark. But I want to do like the opposite. For example: I have a usual project file with the original image, various changes in multiple layers and groups. On top of that is a soft-proof profile placed as well as some smaller tweaks for printing. Now if I export those image I want copys for the digital media without those printing tweaks, so I simply uncheck those. But for printing I want a dedicated filename_print.tiff with those printing tweaks applied on top. I know I can go the long road and do two exports but that somewhat defies the logic behind the export persona. And if I try to create a slice from a selection of layers it creates one slice per layer which obviously also isn't what I want.
  4. Has there been anything happening since then? I am still guessing its more on the side of logi to implement it in their driver but either way it would require communication between both sides.
  5. Where do I have to go to then, if I was hoping for feedback and discussion over a suggestion?
  6. a forum isn't really that useful if a topic dies in fresh without being seen...
  7. I want to suggest making it possible to keep the original files exif/metadata in ALL slices set. As far as I understood only the very first slice which is automatically set (not really a slice, but just the whole thing called by the projects name) keeps that data since it works with the same engine as the default export function (the one you can use over Data>Export from everywhere, which you can set to delete all exif data if you want). All other manually set slices will always loose their exif data and there is no option to change that! I imagine it to be not that hard to implement it that way that you have the ability to write exif in slices as well (since its only very little data to copy after the file creation), probably even by default. You can always set the options to ditch the exif if you want, just like with the normal export function. Yes, you can currently workaround by cropping multiple times in the normal Photo Persona and its nondestructive as well. But that defies the whole sense behind the existence of the export persona! If I change even the slightest thing in the image I have to redo every crop and pray to the crop gods that it is somewhat cropped the same as before.
  8. Hi there, is there a way to increase the thumbnail size in the .afphoto file so one can judge his documents with the macOS preview (hitting the space bar)? Natively it seems to be in a size of something around 342x512. PSD documents in comparison seem to include larger thumbnails you can "zoom" in. Sincerely, me
  9. That really isn't that intuitive for a export persona beginner. At least that makes me glad that its not due to my own stupidity. Anyway: Thank you for sharing this with me. Thats another thing learned today. Then I have a follow up question: In the previous example I did know the full dimensions I wanted to get an export with, which fittet the project file perfectly. But what If I only know one dimension and want the other to instantly fit? Like my image heigh is 4386 (or any weird number) and I want it to get to 1000 but also don't want to take my calculator out to know that a weird width of 8964 has to be downsized to 2043.7? I see that I can try to apply 0.23x which I still would have to calculate first but also wont get the perfect desired result.
  10. Hi there, this may has been asked before but I am somewhat new here and maybe just failed to find it. With the export persona is it possible to choose a specific size smaller than the original? For example: I have a 16:9 composition including a 3:2 image of a somewhat modern camera. So the total filesize is somewhat giant with around 14.000x8.000 pixel. But I want to set an export slice with only 1920x1080 pixel (for fullHD screens). Obviously I do not want to downsize the whole project but want the export persona to get a print of the desired size. With the normal export menu I could choose a desired size. The export persona doesnt seem to have this feature (or I just havent found it). All I see are settings like x2, x3 etc. I guess most people will also face this question when they want to output files for web etc (with very strict requirements for the size). Sincerely, me
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