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  1. Really, this can't be that hard to implement. It's a pretty essential tool.
  2. On OSX, this is really minor, but occasionally annoying. If I click on a dropdown arrow, for example Paragraph Leading on the Paragraph panel, it immediately jumps to / and re-spaces, to the closest value on the list next to the arrow, in my case 7pt. It would be more elegant and conventional if it could default start at the previously selected value.
  3. If I need to move a group of objects together, I would expect to be able to "pull" a square with the move tool (black arrow tool) over several objects to be selected as a group. Similar publishing programs will include an object in the group selection if even a small piece of it is included in the pulled square selection area. Affinity Publisher requires the entire object to be in the selection area to be included in that group. It's a small bug that I can probably get use to, but it has been inconvenient at times.
  4. CTRL+ / CTRL- Zoom does not work when certain tools are active, for example when text is selected and cursor is actively on some text. I use Mac Magic pad, not a mouse. Pinch zoom works nicely, I just have to get used to doing that instead. Teaching old dog...
  5. Can't supply, it's too big (35MB psd). I tried to repeat the problem with a smaller PSD exported from Affinity Photo but was unable to. So it must be a fluke with the original psd created some years ago.
  6. When resizing a document spread on a working project, view of embedded document is corrupted, and covered with big black squares. The work itself is not corrupted, only the view. Embedded document in this case is layered .psd. I have not tested this problem on other document types. The workaround is to save, close and reopen.
  7. I am new to Affinity. I mainly purchased for the Photos Retouch extension. Is Retouch used in this manner considered a destructive editor? Or is the original file preserved? Kevin