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Found 54 results

  1. Affinity Photo is excellent ( the InPainting brush is better than excellent) and I am close to leaving Photoshop CC in November when my contract expires. One thing I am having trouble with in Affinity is resizing images. For my photo society I need to end up with images 1400 wide and 1050 pixels high, both landscape and portrait format. I have tried time after time to achieve this in Affinity. Clearly I am being slow here but really need help! In Photoshop current easy procedure is: Landscape: Image: Image Size, Check the resample and constrain boxes and reduce image width to 1400 pixels. Image, Canvas Size, uncheck relative box, select the canvas colour to black, and set the height to 1050 pixels Portrait Image: Image, Image size, Check the resample and constrain proportions boxes and reduce the image height to 1050 pixels Image, Canvas size, uncheck the Relative box, select the canvas colour to black, and set the width to 1400 pixels I would be very grateful if someone could provide me with the steps I need to do in Affinity Photo to replicate this end result? Bail
  2. How do you import a photograph and resize to fit say a 40 mm square
  3. Hi, First of all, thank you! You've done such a great work with Designer, I'm really confident of being able to drop Illustrator for good (and this an awesome news)! I've been using designer for a couple of months now and there are still 3 things that I find disturbing / annoying: - I usually move the Layer panel outside of the right column (see screenshot attached) as it's easier for me to work that way. However, just sometimes, I find it pretty hard to find the correct spot to resize the layer panel once it is detached. I don't know where it comes from as it doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes it is just really hard to resize it. - Having the layer panel detached, it is frustrating when I need to change some Document setup and that the setup panel open BEHIND the layer panel (see screenshot attached). - Finally, and maybe it is just me but I can't get used to the color scheme you used when you have several documents opened. For me the active tab should be light grey and not dark grey, it just makes sense (although I don't know where it comes from). Has anyone done the same feedback? Anyway, thanks a lot for everything you are doing for the design community, it is really appreciated!
  4. Hi, I have worked during one day to test or to evaluate the possibilities of Affinity Designer. First : no crash during this (very long) session : Good job ! But, I have some difficulties : - I don't found the posiibility to copy/paste a color (and only the color) or to copy/paste an effect. It's... laborious. :-) - Some bahavior are strange : when I resize on object, I use the Shift key to respect the ratio. When I resize a text, I use the Shift key NOT TO respect the ratio. - I don't find the possibility to align an object to an other one without moving the second one. I don't success what I want to do. - when I type a precise value in an input field (for sizing an object for example), if touch the top of my mouse : the value is changed !!! It's very very boring ;-) Well done, it's sorme ergonomic details. Of course, I appreciate that coulod be solve... yesterday ;-) Thank you for this very powerful product. Thank's for your help Fabrice - From Bordeaux (France) PS : An other suggestion : translate it in french !!!! PS 2 : http://www.plannning-medical.com ( The logo was created with Affinity Designer, the previous version and the other graphics elements was created with Illustrator).

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