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  1. Thank's.... It's the solution that I'm looking for ! (Why I don't see it !!!!) Thank's F.
  2. Hi, In Affinity Designer, I have an object with a wonderfull color (like gradient). I would like to copy and paste the color (and its properties) to an other object. How can I do that ? Thank's for your help F.
  3. Hi Meb, Thank's for your reply. 1- ok 2- I was suprised by this behavior. I understand the reason. It's just a feedback. 3- ok 4- Why don't try to "detect" the behhavior of the user. For example : if he changes the value with the keyboard, he can't change it again with the mouse before 1 second. Best regads F. - From Bordeaux (France)
  4. Hi, I have worked during one day to test or to evaluate the possibilities of Affinity Designer. First : no crash during this (very long) session : Good job ! But, I have some difficulties : - I don't found the posiibility to copy/paste a color (and only the color) or to copy/paste an effect. It's... laborious. :-) - Some bahavior are strange : when I resize on object, I use the Shift key to respect the ratio. When I resize a text, I use the Shift key NOT TO respect the ratio. - I don't find the possibility to align an object to an other one without moving the second one. I don't success what I want to do. - when I type a precise value in an input field (for sizing an object for example), if touch the top of my mouse : the value is changed !!! It's very very boring ;-) Well done, it's sorme ergonomic details. Of course, I appreciate that coulod be solve... yesterday ;-) Thank you for this very powerful product. Thank's for your help Fabrice - From Bordeaux (France) PS : An other suggestion : translate it in french !!!! PS 2 : http://www.plannning-medical.com ( The logo was created with Affinity Designer, the previous version and the other graphics elements was created with Illustrator).
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