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  1. What is the equivalent of photoshop's "select" then "color range"? it is easy to clean up an image by removing for instance back ground color by selecting a color then there is a slider to choose how much "fuzziness" it's called. I cannot find this in affinity.. I'd appreciate instruction. Andrea
  2. This was my problem also. I don't understand this answer re: saving as afphoto file? If I need a jpg then I need to save as a jpg and when I open the jpg it should be the same size that I saved it at right? So why is this happening and what to do? Thanks, Andrea
  3. With a 300 dpi image in affinity photo, I exported as jpg and chose 72 dpi. When I reopen the document in affinity photo or in photoshop it seems to always say that it is 300 dpi. I resized it again and saved it and still the same thing. It's important that I follow the guidelines when submitting my art so I am nervous to send this as I can't figure out why it wont stay 72 dpi? Thanks, Andrea
  4. When I was using photoshop I was able to buy Kyle Webster custom brushes. These don't work in Affinity. What do I use for custom brushes? Are there natural looking brushes that come with affinity or that can be purchased? I'm really concerned about how I'm going to draw, paint and erase to look like art rather than computer obvious stuff.