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  1. I have tried it with the following results: Opening an jpg-image with a size of 3150 x 2362 pixels @ 72 dpi. Resize Document to 3150 x 2362 pixels @ 300 dpi. Exporting this resized document as jpg-image. Exporting same document as .afphoto file Saved as .afphoto-file, the changed resolution (same pixel number but 300dpi now) was saved correctly Exported as .jpg-file with another name, the changed resolution was not maintained. The image also has 3150 x 2362 pixels @ 72 dpi. I than performed the unsharp mask filter. Interresting: The effect of the filter was correctly saved as .afphoto fi
  2. Hello, when i open any image (e.g. an jpg-image) and perform changes as changing the image resolution, canvas size or use some filters as mask unsharpen, the changes are shown on my monitor. But if i than export the image to e.g. an jpg file, all changes are away when I open the overworked image: I than have the original unchanged image. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug of Affinity Photo? It seems, that Affinity Photo is not saving the changes of the overworked image but only the original unchanged image. Additionally changes in the work space (e.g. changing the unit of the rule
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