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  1. Hi, Pardon my ignorance, I am knew to Affinity and picture editing, can you please tell me which options is more recommended or are they to be used in different circumstances? Many thanks and best wishes, Fabricio
  2. Perfect, I used the 1st option and worked well. Many thanks for your advise!
  3. I have two pictures of a necklace in one document. I would like them to look like one document and no separated. Photo attached, can anyone help me please?
  4. Many thanks R C R, it worked but the quality is not the same, it becomes quite blurry, is this normal? Is there a better way without losing the quality of the picture?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if I can delete parts of a photo with plain white background (not Transparent)? Many thanks, Fab
  6. Hi, I am new to Affinity, can you please tell me me how to copy part of a picture and paste in other part of the same picture. Basically when I remove the people at the bottom of the attached picture a dark colour stays over the white wall of the building so I thought I could copy another white wall and pasted over the darkened area. Many thanks for your help in advance

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