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  1. Hi there Thanks again for your help. Currently this is what I can do - when I do this export - as in the screen shots attached the original file exported as a pdf was fine - it exported without any problems as a vector image. I do not though recall exactly what it was set at. It is only when I go to just change the one colour - on the base layer of the leaf (& the top layer of font) nothing else fancy is done to it that the issue arises. When I then go export the recoloured image (in pdf or eps) it no longer a vector.
  2. Thank you for the reply - but that was just mentioned as the part that was odd - but not the issue. As I mentioned all the leaves where done the same and exported in pdf. One week it exported as a pdf - without a problem - the next week same file is now a problem. Why?
  3. Hoping this new post will also been seen by a new set of eyes - as the last post has yet to be resolved with a more definitive outcome. I have in the past been able to send a pdf with fully vectored images - all fx included images with no problem. [ Image of the older pdf attached.] Now just this week actually it would seem one did (printer was happy) the second and every other .pdf or .eps - since won't. I don't actually recall which - but it is possible that I was able to do it in the beta version of Pub.?? Now that I have a purchased version was that changed? I have gone over lots of tutorials - nada. Changing the Passthrough to normal actually fixed the issue with rasterization of the font with fx but not the leaves. The other 'odd' thing is that one leaf is fine (please go back to previous thread for that image) but the others which are just c&p variations - are not. All made the same way. Link below is to the previous thread with seemly same issue that claimed to be resolved - with no actual method to the solution given. Hoping someone with more experience with this could tell me how it was done, as I have made dozens of attempts on both designer and publisher to no avail. Thanks so much for your help. I genuinely like to promote Affinity over Adobe any chance I get - but these issues with printing are getting really expensive as well. I really really hate having to go back to Illustrator just to fix the problems with printing.
  4. Hi there Thanks for your reply. Were you at all able to get Vectored images when you exported it? IF so - what settings did you use? I can't seem to get it to export without it rasterizing something. I have since now only been able to fix the logo - removing the 'passthrough' fixed that ok. But removing the passthrough and setting it to 'normal' did not fix the leaf images. The weird thing is that in May when I sent the same set to the printer exporting in .pdf - there was no problem with them. PDF 2017 - not a problem - is this then an Affinity issue?
  5. Thanks for that - ya I wouldn't have thought it was an issue either. I manually changed each image to the new colour. I didn't see how else one can do that - as within Illustrator you have that option to do pick a colour and change it - all at once. One is in the original file in 'outline view mode' the other is the pdf in the outline view mode. Was that what you where looking to see? PDF version Original file
  6. Hi Old topic - but this is what the printer has said is probably the issue. One exported file is fine (logo is vectored) the other with the only change being colour no vector - but it was the same original file. Can you please explain how to do this? I can not find a tutorial or explanation as to how to now fix it. Thank you!
  7. Is this something that might be coming - soon? As this is a bit of an issue with months of work I have done in Affinity that the printer is saying is basically useless to print in Pantone colours.
  8. Same, I was super stoked when I found it now though not so much. I spent months creating a series of images to be used in a line of products that is very specifically Pantone, that is now pretty much useless and I will have to pay for INDD or AI and redo everything. This has set me back months. What good is it as a complete design tool (with a Pantone Library) if it's only good for stuff used online and prints in CMYK? The problem with it not exporting into a eps or pdf and maintaining Pantone colours is huge issue not to mention very disappointing. I have since read this is an issue going back to 2015 - I am surprised that it was never resolved. All I got back was - the design team will look at it in the next upgrade ??? Ya that's helpful....
  9. Thank you for your efforts! I hope they sort out what I need to do to get it to the printer. I just hate the idea of having to do a rebuild in AI - it would be months worth of work to redo from scratch all the images for this project. I see though that others are having a number of pdf export issues - so I see I am not alone in this :) Thanks again.
  10. Done thanks for your help! The other thing is the printer is saying (when I sent him a trial pdf of one I did get) "The layout is correct. The pdf’s page size and geometry is fine. The image they are using is CMYK. They will have to go into photoshop and build spot colours, to make it into a duotone. Can’t really help you here unless I see the photoshop image." The image I did send I very meticulously (I thought) put everything in two Pantone colours.... sigh. Yes I did click 'honour spot colour'
  11. Gone through the video's on exporting and not sure how else to to it differently, each time I try there is either something else wrong with the pdf or it crashes.
  12. Hi there So now all attempts at exporting a pdf - using different images, different sizes trying 'unsupported / everything' has only crashed the program, everytime. Suggestions?
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