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    Thanks a lot for the immediate answer. Was very helpful and everything works fine now. Reviewed the video another time and .. ups.., could have seen the selected Move Tool. Greetings :)
  2. Hi there, being a newbie to affinity photo I tried to follow the Affinity Photo-cutting out video with an own photo. Everything went fine, masking was in fact very easy and I succeeded in copying the masked area of the photo. But as I pasted it into another photo, there was no way to resize or turn it in any way, may it a photo or a new Document. It was always pasted without any anchors, where I could turn, resize, move up or down the object. Really annoying compared to what could be seen in the movie, Can anyone give a hint - I viewed the video over and over, looking if I could find any clicked option - nothing to see. Btw. searching the forum I didn't find anything about cutting except for AD. It could be helpful if the questions resp. answers could have a tag AP or AD Greetings from Berlin docesen