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  1. Thank you. For now I found a "dirty hack" on how to do it: increase the stroke width, set hard joins and select "draw behind fill", while choosing a white fill for the squares. Gives the correct impression, while for sure not the perfect solution.
  2. Hi, I a semi-new user to AD and still learning, so far I'm REALLY happy with the tool, makes life so much easier. But still, I have a Problem, where you might be able to help: I'm using AD to post process plots from matlab and gnuplot for publications. Currently I've got one, where the symbol size of some scatter data is little too small and I would like to increase the size of (100+) point symbols (little squares) by factor two, while keeping each one at its original position - like a swarm operation. Selecting all and resizing does increase their individual size but moves them proportionally - this does not help at all. How do you do an individual transformation operation on a swarm of objects. Rotating all by 45 deg would be something I will need in the future as well. Then again, I don't want the cloud to rotate but each individual one to do the spin. Appreciating your help. Axel
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