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Found 6 results

  1. Would be nice if you could add an option to treat embedded passthrough grayscale PDF as K100. I guess K Only or profile conversion option would be practical.
  2. When adding watermarks into a existed PDF file, I would like to keep the content in PDF unchanged. From version 1.9.0 of Affinity Publisher, I learned it have started to support PDF passthrough, which seems to be the key feature to realize what I need. I have Affinity Publisher 1.9.2 (Windows) right now. However, after I open the original PDF file, Affinity Publisher seems to use other fonts in my PC to replace the content have missing fonts. So, my question is: how to enable PDF passthrough functionality or how to keep the content unchanged after I try to add watermarks? Many thanks p.s. the following pictures are the screenshots from my PC (1) Font Manager in Affinity Publisher (2) What I see after opening by Affinity Publisher (3) The original layout of PDF file
  3. Passthrough Vs Normal. This tutorial shows the difference between passthrough and normal in grouped layers. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 22 of my Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. https://youtu.be/gRZ1vFhwdss
  4. If the PDF was placed in the document using Version 1.8 or earlier and is embedded rather than linked, the original PDF data will not be available. The solution is to Replace the document in Version 1.9 using Resource Manager. Version 1.9 ensures that for any PDF that is placed as embedded a copy of the original PDF data is included in the document to enable Passthrough if desired.
  5. Affinity photo on iPad user manual specifies that in layer blending there is a passthrough blend mode (see attached screen shot). But when I go on the layers blending option list, this does not show. Any idea what i’m Doing wrong or is this option missing?
  6. When importing downloaded Illustrator (.ai) formatted files I often see multiple group layers set to the default Passthrough blend mode that each consist only of one filled shape and a 100% black rectangular mask. The mask seems superfluous since it is large enough to completely enclose the shape & it can be deleted with no visible changes in the document. The weird thing is the shape's fill color is always the same as that of the layer below its group, so I would not expect it to be visible against that color. But for reasons I don't understand the group it is in seems to be changing its fill color even though that group is set to passthrough, which as I understand it should have no blend effect of its own. This is obvious if I ungroup the object or in the Layers panel drag it (with or without the mask) to a position above the now empty layer. Also, without ungrouping the layer, just changing its blend mode to Normal & then back to Passthrough causes this effect to vanish -- the grouped object's shape color remains the same as if it had been ungrouped & does not revert to the previous state. I hope the thumbnail below & the companion afdesign document will make this clearer. Each of the file's 5 groups has the same group/curve/mask arrangement, each of the curves has a fill color that is different from how it appears in the document, & moving any of them out of their parent group changes their displayed color to agree with what is shown in the Colors panel. AI import.afdesign
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