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Found 12 results

  1. Am I doing something wrong? All the ink brushes seem to be starting and ending partway through my stroke. This seems to change if I adjust the line width and sometimes ends up really crazy. How do I fix this so the stroke is recognized for the entire curve?
  2. When 'Maximum ink' is set to 320%, so it catches incorrectly converted RGB blacks, the preflight panel will flag any object with an 'Outline' layer effect as "Filter Effect ink density too high (327%)". This happens even if the outline effect is well under the 320% mark, as shown in the image below: Furthermore, disabling the outline effect will not stop the object being flagged. See below: You need to press the 'X' to remove the effect, so the object is no longer flagged: Moreover, if you deliberately set the effect to something over 320%, and also different from 327%, you'll get two errors. One for the actual real problem, and another for the imagined 327%. See the attached image: Even moreover, disabling the outline effect will remove neither of the errors, only deletion will work as mentioned above: Finally, this error happens even if the outline effect is applied to an object inside another document, provided the option 'Look inside placed documents' is active: The steps to reproduce are: Enabling the preflight options mentioned: Maximum ink set to 320% Look inside placed documents Create any shape Apply the outline effect Check the error on the preflight panel Thanks!
  3. Project Brush 28 Ink Stipple Uploaded new condensed set of Ink Stipple Brushes mostly based on existing nozzles which I have adjusted significantly to get better results! You can increase the nozzle spacing for greater stipple control Consists of 35 Raster brushes extracted from PB 03 (Big-T) | PB 19 Inker | PB 15 Texture Pencils | PB 17 Concept | PB 21 Scratch & Scribble Added 6 Sketching Brushes from Textured Pencils Added 5 Ink solid Concept Brushes (red brushes on sheet) as necessary if you are going to use for inking Added 24 Stipple Brushes old nozzles but new dynamics removed Accumulation and Flow Jitter Samples as below: Affinity V1 ProjectBrush 28 - Ink Stipple.zip Affinity V2 PB 28 - Ink Stipple A2.zip
  4. Hi I hope this is the right area to post this question. I would like to make an alcohol ink effect background but I cannot see any brush kits for sale that refer to Affinity, only Procreate and Photoshop (I assume they are not compatible). Is it possible to create the same effect with existing brushes? Have tried but failed with watercolour brushes. Many thanks
  5. The difference between what I spec on my Apple Studio monitor (Mac OS 12.3.1 and Affinity Photo 1.10.5) consistently yield prints (Canon Pro-2100) about 1/3 stop overexposed. Can someone kindly help me sort out how to achieve results that jibe between my display and my printer output; i.e., what I see onscreen and in my final print?
  6. I've exported a document with a spot colour and selected "honour spot colour" in the export panel, but the swatch does not display in the colour bars in the PDF?
  7. A set of 20 high-quality ink stamp textures brushes. Add hand stamped texture to your objects with just a one click or more if needed. Vision Stamp Texture Brushes I hope you like the pack.
  8. Hello! So I have created some brushes for a project of mine, and decided that I could as well share them with the community. They are made from actual paint strokes, and some are black with some textured bits (bits of white) and some are plain grey, meaning that they will take the colour (I hope it makes sense! :) ) See sample sheet below. I am a bit new to this, so any feedback appreciated. If I can improve the user experience, I will.... Custom_acrylic_brushes_V1.afbrushes
  9. It would be very cool if Affinity could design some OPTIONAL Plugin's for the Fine Artists that are working digitally now. Corel Painter is cool and there are so many others that are also available of course, but a one stop shop always makes life easier. It would be very cool if Affinity were to start creating Plugins that people could download if they are interested in the Fine Art look. There are a lot of people that have no reason to clutter or grow in complexity their software. They are happy with the photo editing, etc. But then there are those of us that boot up Corel Painter (or similar software) to do a nice painting. IF Affinity could create something that offers different paper textures right off and paint brush options that mimic the various FINE ART painting options like they have in Corel, it would be very cool. I for one love just relaxing and doing a painting at times when I am done with a project but it is with Corel (or even photoshop). It would be wonderful to give an optional Plugin or download to give use Fine Artists more to play with. And just for the heck of it, here is a piece I did a while back with Painter. I have tried a number of things and I still can't get this clean or wonderful of an effect with Affinity Photo. Granted, I am sure I will figure out something but dang if it would not be so much easier to have a "Canvas" texture to start with and a selection of Paint Brushes including some that truly give a good "Oil Paint" feel to them. Just sayin'
  10. This isn't really about Publisher - although it is about publishing - but as there's no 'General Discussion' forum I'll just ask the question here. (Moderators: Please feel free to move or remove as you see fit.) Does anyone know if there is a free tool, into which I can feed a PDF, that will tell me - preferably page-by-page, or if not then by document - what the ratios of printed ink colours used would be? I've probably not explained that very well so I'll give a short summary of the situation... I edit a small newsletter for a local charity group which is printed by a volunteer on his personal home/office inkjet printer. The newsletter is on normal A4 sheets, only about 6-8 pages each issue, about 80 copies each run, and isn't published particularly regularly, but he would like to keep printing costs down. One way to keep the costs down is to limit the amount of colour used and, as such, I've been 'rotoscoping' (probably not the correct term) the images to get a 'small bit of colour on greyscale' effect (think of the girl in the red dress in "Schinder's List" but just for still images). Because of this I have been wondering if there are any tools available - for free, I'm not paying for something I only need once in a blue moon - that will tell me the relative amounts of each ink colour that will be on each page when a document is printed. In other words, I would like to feed a PDF into the software and it will tell me what percentage of the colour on each page will be printed with the Cyan ink, and the Magenta ink, and so on. These percentages may help me to be able to 'balance' the colours used so I don't produce something that will force the volunteer into running out of any one coloured ink. For example, a bad 'balance' might be: CMYK - 40%/20%/10%/30%, while a good 'balance' would be: CMYK - 10%/10%/10%/70%. I can sort of do this by eye but it would be better if I could get something that will do it 'without prejudice'. Does anyone know of such a tool that would help? (I know it's probably a bit of a weird question but I thought I'd ask it anyway.)
  11. The king with the blue cloak. All started with paper and pencil, then outlined and colored in almighty Affinity Designer.
  12. Using Affinity Photo to color my scanned art is real dream and has made my life so much easier.
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