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Found 349 results

  1. This should support import/export of DrawPlus files, especially since DrawPlus was made by the same company. I can't currently open a .dpp file that I can in DrawPlus in any of the Affinity projects to carry them over.
  2. Hey there, so when importing or opening an EPS-file which was exported with RGB as color-format into Affinity Designer, it will always be handled as CMYK-File and therefore the colors are changing drastically. In Illustrator, the same file is opened with the correct colors and in correct color format (RGB). Do I miss a Default-/Import-/Color-Setting here? When opening the same file in Illustrator and then exporting it with the option for "Include CMYK-PostScript in RGB-Files" checked, the file opens correctly colored in Affinity Designer. The chosen PostScript-Level (2 or 3) on export did NOT made any difference to this behaviour, only the previously described checked option! As I want to ditch Illustrator and I have a huge amount of assets (bought online, not build by me) which behave like this, it's not an option to open up every file and export them once more. As Illustrator is able to open them up the correct way, I assume that this is an error/bug of Affinity Designer and does not occur due to a corrupt file. I attached a screenshot of the same file opened in AI and AD and a PNG with the intended colors. Greetings, Johannes (I hate to say the name of the competitive software this often in this forum...*sigh*)
  3. DarkClown

    EPS Import in AD

    Opening an EPS File: This ist what the source I downloaded it from and Adobe Illustrator says it should look like: This is, what Affinity Designer think it looks like: Please keep an eye on the completely screwed layers in AD ... :-( Known problem? Any clue? The file is to big to attach ... but I can provide it ... Cheers, Timo
  4. Hi, Is it somehow possible to import a SVG into an existing AD drawboard, and make the vectors part of the design, without working on it as an imbedded object?
  5. Hi, A lot of the time, when I drag and drop a picture in Affinity designer, the picture is rotated for no reason. It can be 90, 180. I attached a pic doing it. Thanks. PS: Ok, this is weird, the original picture is also shown rotated in the forum. It's totally not on macOS. May be some metadata issue.
  6. Hi! New Mac user here! Before I buy Affinity I would like to know if it is possible to open, import and edit .CDR files.. Thank you!
  7. Hello I exported an affinity file as PSD. I opened it with photoshop cs6 and tried to edit the text. It seems i can't edit the text as it was not exported as editable text. Same was the case for import but it was solved from Preference option. Is there a way to export text as text for PSD? Most of my client will not PSD export as they don't have AD.
  8. Hi, where has the PDF Import function remained? Import at all is no longer available. In beta this was included. Had used it myself. Important function. greeting
  9. Hi, Is there a reason why my Raw images open as 96 DPI instead of 300 DPI say like in PS? Why is it reducing the res on import? Thanks in advance!
  10. AD folks, Any way for me to convert an imported .png file created using the Sketch app so that I can manipulate it in Affinity Designer? I created a new document in AD and imported the above mentioned image but cannot figure out how to work off of this image, making minor changes/effects, etc. Thanks in advance. -Christo
  11. It would be great if we could import multiple (svg/eps/pdf/ai/png/jpg/gif/etc) files into the assets panel.
  12. Hello, I've downloaded the Affinity Designer's trial for Windows and am testing it. Basically, I've imported a PSD (created from Photoshop CS6) to check how AD handles Adobe files (I'm Webdesigner, if I go on AD, I'll have to receive PSD files from other designers and use them into AD, so the import feature is important to me). I'd like to point out some issues. I don't know if the Trial version is a complete or a light one. This could explain the issues... Texts converted into pixels : the texts from my PSD can't be edited anymore. They seem to be pixel shapes. Missing background pattern : I had a background pattern in my PSD, but disappeared in AD. I can't even find where to edit a background pattern (nothing around the Effects). That's all for now. :)
  13. Hello dear Affintiy Team, i just love your application, i am new and switching from illustrator. I couldn't find this topic in the forum: But how can i import content that is outside of an artboard from illustrator. (See Screenshot) I use this space like a desk, so there are a lot of important information, and if i want to move to your app in total, i need this for all my old graphics from illustrator. Thanks for reply. Greetings Dirk
  14. ORNAMENTAL.pdfI have tried to import PDF into Affinity Designer, which looks good, but leaves listing bullets with a strange "z" character. Any other opening option does not help. It is probably some font problem, but Affinity does not report any import font problem. What can I do to import properly? As an alternative solution to normal importing, is it possible in Affinity Designer to do "Replace All" on text? Attached is the problem printscreen and PDF document. Regards JohnT.
  15. Hi, The PDF import is great, except I often get PDFs without their respective fonts, and rather than have to pass them back and ask, or get them outlined, it'd be nice if we had the option to just import the flattened pages, like Photoshop can. This is something I don't see in a lot of packages, and it would be a really useful feature for me. Thanks, Mike
  16. Hi. My main line of work is not graphical design, and I don't have a great amount of experience doing artwork. Nevertheless, I occasionally face the need to create logos and icons for my products. So I'm very much welcoming a cost effective and easy-to-use yet powerful alternative to the competitor's product, which has been draining my budget and time in no relation to the little bit of work I do with it. I'm now giving Affinity Designer a try, and I started by importing my Adobe Illustrator files: I noticed that some shapes don't import correctly, which gives me a bit of a headache. Here is an example: This shape in Adobe Illustrator: looks like this when imported into Affinity Designer: While there probably is a way to fix this in AD by editing each individual shape, it could become quite tedious. Is there a way to avoid this kind of issue? -jerry
  17. Hallo, kann man in Affinity Photo Verlauf importieren (z. B. von Photoshop) importieren? Grüße
  18. I think it must be possible, like in Indesign, to import content via XML or to update it. Better would be a direct API with which you get content in Publisher. Do you know what I mean? Especially with large catalogue publications it can't be insert content via copy and paste. That's 90's style ;)
  19. Hey guys, Make the Affinity Designer able to import filesfrom CorelDraw (CDR files), because Corel has many users on the Windows platform, maybe we are more in number than the total users of Adobe Illustrator throughout the Mac platform.
  20. Since I have thousands of complex map files created in Illustrator, the fact that I can bring these into AD is really great. However, when I drop my Illustrator texts into and AD doc I find that often they come up as individual SVG letters. If the text is on a curved line, the line appears as a curve in AD and every letter is an SVG, usually are aligned correctly. This is no doubt the easiest way of programing such an import, but it leaves the AD in a state great editing difficulty. I would add that even when I adjust imported graphic objects from Illustrator and then enlarge them in AD, when I copy that AD edited object and paste it in a different doc, it appears to keep the original Illustrator size. I appreciate the challenge of reflecting Illustrator work with the same structure in AD, especially with Adobe's complex way of doing things. Is there any post or doc that explains these importing problems, i.e., what the user should beware of or expect when important docs from Illustrator. Thanks!
  21. Hi, I encountered multiple problems lately while importing a PSD file. The text that is set on a circle is simply converted into a frame text. The mask doesn’t work as expected. stamp psd import.afdesign To compare here is the same file modified to match the original result : stampFreelancer - approved.afdesign PS. I’m still a bit baffled by the mask problem. Even though I found a way to make it work like I wanted, it makes no sense to me that the imported PSD doesn’t work as expected. Regards, Fabrice
  22. Hi there, I didn't put this in the 'bug' area because I'm not sure who has the bug. However, in the past after I have got a result from Vector Magic I would usually double click the 'drag me' bit to open Illustrator (the default program to open .ai files) to then work on it. After purchasing and getting myself to get used to AD I have made it the default program to open .ai files, which works nicely, however, when I do the process from Vector Magic it opens AD as expected but the result is a blank page. I have had this since I had AD July 15 when I had Yosemite, it's the same for my 2015 iMac and MBP, and now is the same with OS Sierra on my iMac. Screenies are attached. I just wondered if the bug was with AD with import or VM with export - or just some miscommunication between them. And i'm not like - oh! it must be a convenient a step between them as possible - but I just thought I would mention it :) never know, might be a small thing to make the difference. Vector Magic V1.18
  23. ​I am trying to use Affinity Designer to create SVG files that will be used by a laser cutter. ​I was hoping to use it as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator because I do not like paying the monthly fee. ​I purchased and installed Designer today and tried to load a template that I use for my projects. ​This did not go well. ​I have included two screen shots and the template file. ​One from InkScape and one from Affinity Designer ​I could include the Illustrator screen shot but it of course loaded correctly ​Is this a bug or do I need some settings I don't know about? ​Thanks, hope this can be resolved so I can get rid of Illustrator 24x12 Inkscape.svg
  24. I've read that AP's raw converter supports reading from some uncompressed DNG files produced by some Leica cameras. But does it support Adobe's DNG beyond that subset? Or are there unimplemented features?
  25. Was I wrong to expect that a native Serif file-type could be imported into Affinity Photo?