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  1. Using a mask layer while working in CMYK does not mask the layer fully.. It leaves a faint visible image when I try to fade away the edges of a layer. The edges are also visible when exporting the image. I was using an image file and applied a mask to it. I also tried to rasterize it but it made no difference. The odd thing is that when I paint over the actual image with black but not the mask, I can cover the image fully. But with this technique I might accidentally paint black color to other areas of the picture as shown in the video. This same problem occurs on the iPad version too. I am using version 1.7.0 on both devices but this (bug?) was present on earlier versions too. Working in sRGB doesn't have this issue. Am I not using the tools correctly or is this a bug? Masking_bug.mov
  2. Update: I got iCloud Drive working by adding the .NEF by renaming the file. After that the file opened in the develop persona just fine. But Google Drive still not working.
  3. Hi! I have trouble importing RAW-files to my iPad Pro (12,9, 2nd gen) running iOS 10. I have uploaded NEF-files to Google Drive from my Nikon D300. The problem is that they won't open. If I try to open them from GD with the "open in app"-command, nothing happens. And if I navigate to GD from within Affinity Photo the NEF-files are greyd out and cannot be opened. I tried to send a file to iCloud Drive but it too is grey and cannot be opened. I converted one of the files to a jpeg. and it opened just fine from GD. Looking forward to your reply, thanks! - Tuukka
  4. Hi. I'm doing some isometric stuff with the grid tool on Affinity Designer and when I fill the shapes it leaves very small white gaps between the shapes. They even print on to .jpeg images when exported. How do I get rid of them? I have the snap to grid-option selected in the Grid Manager tool. Thanks!
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