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    APh] Photoshop text Styles

    Ok, thanks for the quick response. I still own an older version of Photoshop, so for now I'll use that when I require certain styles to be applied. Please consider adding it in the future, I think a lot of converts would appreciate it. Cheers Dan
  2. Thanks for the quick response, while not the answer I was hoping for :mellow: , I do understand. Will have to think about that option for now, definitely love the application, very intuitive application, bit of a learning curve going from Photoshop > AP, but from what I've learned to date, it's a definite replacement! Keep up the great work! Dan
  3. I'm now an official convert to Affinity Photo and love it. Just cancelled my membership with Adobe for Photoshop, I'm that confident it will definitely do everything I need. I do have one question though, I've invested a chunk of change in photoshop styles over the years and would like to continue to use them. Are there plans to allow the import/usages of the Adobe Styles? That would make it 100% perfect for me. Cheers Dan
  4. Hi, I just purchased Affinity Photo (and cancelled my Adobe membership!). Question though, my PC is Windows based, however my laptop is a Mac. Is it possible to install on both? I am the sole user on both and would like the ability to use it on both formats. Can my key be utilized for both platforms? Or do I need to purchase a second copy for the Mac? My hope is I don't have to spend another $55 Canadian. If it can be installed on both with the same keys, where does one find the media for the Mac? Thanks in advance! Dan

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