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  1. I tried yesterday to export a designe for my client its made with pen tool and few brush layers with blend mode set to Erase. When I tried to export it as pdf/svg transparent background ( that was already set on the document setup) Its not work and its export with white background and the erase layers was also visible (and not erased nothing) Even if I tried to ⌘+A>Export>svg/pdf>selection without background its not worked Its work fine only when I tried to export it as a png transparent I'm really need help because its for a client and the time is a litt
  2. I wanted to learn Photoshop a while back and this problem always infuriated me. I never knew why this happened nor how to fix it. I considered to switch to Affinity Photo. Meanwhile the same thing goes on here too. Am I doing something wrong? Everything looks blurry, fonts, even vectors, like literally everything. Help Affinity Photo 2021-04-26 14-52-00.mp4
  3. I’ve been using affinity designer (which I love!) for about 6 months now and have lots of documents created, however, since the last update, it seems that the app is taking up all of the space on my iPad to the point that I can’t have any other apps on my iPad and when it gets too full, it won’t even save to the cloud, and the iCloud Drive stops working properly. I have 200gb of space in my iCloud, but it seems to be using my iPad instead? I really can’t afford to upgrade my iPad, as this was the best I could afford until my business takes off more. I do t even have room to install t
  4. When I download some asset files and I go click on the file, it brings up a pop up that says I need to download an app from Microsoft store in order to open, but that doesn't work. If I go to Affinity designer and click import asset, it says "unable to import file". What do I do?
  5. I just got the program from the store, it seems to be installing it. I was expecting a Code. Will it get atenticated by intalling it again from Microsoft store(I was using the site trial) or I can find the code somewhere?
  6. I have been trying the program for a few minutes it seems to be exactly what I need. Only a few things I need to figure out before deciding to buy or not. I draw mainly with the pen tool but I am unable to find the option to make the lines ends go thin in the edges. it gives the picture a pencil drawn like appearance. I notice something that looks like it in the stroke options but I am unable to apply it to a line. Notice that I am drawing with a mouse at the moment, maybe the option only works with drawing pad?
  7. I have not purchased the Inffinity Programs yet. I am comparing to other programs first. What I am looking for is the ability to take a picture and give it a cartoon effect. I have searched the FAQ, as well as YouTube, and Google search. Every time I see someone suggest how to do it, and I look it up, it actually is just the comic book effect, not cartoon. I would like the pictures come out looking like they were drawn. This is what I am wanting to do. And, I would like to know if this is possible with Affinity, would it be better if I buy all three, or just need a couple. I wan
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make the switch from Adobe to Affinity. I have this issue that it only seems to show on my Wacom Cintiq 16. Every time my brush hovers over my strokes they drop resolution/quality. I'd love to draw in Affinity photo, but I can't get around the low resolution lines. Any help? is this a known bug? what should I do? Note: Page size is Default A4 size, 300 DPI. Affinity Designer "pixel persona" doesn't drop brush stroke resolution. (Which uses pixels as well) Wacom cintiq 16 drivers are up to date. Specs: i7-10700k 3.
  9. Hi, i have installed the font "doomed" from https://fontzone.net/font-details/doomed. I have installed the font like usually. But when i create a text and i switch the font to "doomed" it doesn't canghe! But if i do the same thing on microsoft word or power point... the font works on those programs. I can't belive the font is not working on affinity! I downloaded around 10 different versions of this font on different websites but, nothing. I have attached a sceenshot. I really need this font for a projeckt. Any help? Thanks Mike
  10. When learning a new technique, I much prefer using a written tutorial to watching a video, so when I first used Data Merge to create a set of mailing labels, I turned to the Publisher Help system. It told me all about how to describe my data layout with rows, columns and gutters etc, but not how to actually create the layout on my page! I had to resort to watching the video which indeed demonstrated how to do it. Easy when you know how, but I would never have guessed from the Help file. I was not sure where I should be posting this, but it ended up here. John
  11. I have a file that has several spot colors that export to a pdf with them showing up correctly as a spot color. I created one more spot color (for a die line) that will only show up as CMYK process. I am a 30+ year Illustrator expert forced to work (vendor) with AFD. So I have lots of experience and prejudices. (No, I don't need that many spot colors, I have no idea how to resolve it in AFD). I also don't have time to learn a whole new program.
  12. Im trying to set a bleed on the ipad version of AD on an Artboard. But everytime i set a bleed nothing happens. I cant see any lines and if i close the bleed menue and open it again it is set to 0mm again. Am i missing something?
  13. Hey everyone, I am creating some stylised pixel art based on some photos I have taken. My current process is I create a grid of squares (each an individual shape) and then overlap my photo. I then select each square from the layers tab and use the colour picker to select from the underlying image. This is very time consuming as you can imagine! I'm wondering if there is a faster/smarter way to do this? I'm currently doing 25 x 25 square images, but want to go bigger. However, bigger means much more time and probably a repetitive strain injury, so looking for alternative solutions.
  14. Hello Everyone, I decided to purchase affinity designer and photo today, however, when i entered my credit card info and pressed the pay button the website gave me an error message that said that my payment had been declined, in that moment my banking app notified me that the purchase was done(and so the money was billed), i checked my account and it shows no order history nor licenses and the money in my bank app is now gone. is there anything that i can do to get my money refunded or the software licenses? Thanks everyone
  15. why, after touching the object there is a purple line like the outline can't disappear? Wait.. Look at the first picture that has a pink line, it's not an outline .. and see the second picture when I touch it with 2 fingers the line disappears. so it's the pink line move tool that can't disappear. it's very annoying. please if anyone knows help me😭 ... why, after touching the object there is a purple line like the outline can't disappear? Wait.. Look at the first picture that has a pink line, it's not an outline .. and see the second picture when I touch it with 2 fingers the line
  16. Whenever I import an image onto Affinity Photo, the image quality is downscaled. I've made sure of this. It's all pixelated. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks.
  17. Hey, I just switched over from Photoshop & Illustrator and its really frustrating for me to see that zooming is "CMD + Mousewheel" while rotating is "Alt + Mousewheel". Coming from the Adobe Products (where the two shortcuts are flipped), I was wondering if it is possible to change these shortcuts anywhere. I already searched through the shortcuts menu in the setting but I didnt find anything there, a quick google search didnt help me either. If anyone knows something, please let me know. Thanks :) (Win 10, ver. 1.9.1)
  18. Hey uh i was a following a tutorial on youtube and i do not know how to recreate this one.
  19. Hello all, I own the Affinity Suite and recently updated to 1.9.0. When I tried to update to 1.9.1 though, it failed. Initially it gave me an error box where it linked to another forum FAQ from staff who went through some basic troubleshooting. I then restarted my machine, same issue. So I tried to uninstall and was going to fresh install to newest update, but I get this error message now (See attached). Couldn't find the .msi it's looking for anywhere on my PC. Funny thing is, the apps work just fine. But neither the Affinity installer, nor my Windows uninstaller (I assume they're r
  20. When I first started I was apparently trying to make everything an asset, and now I hardly use the feature because of it. I'd honestly be cool nuking the whole thing if theres a file to delete somewhere in my computer.
  21. In Affinity Photo my studio windows and panels disappeared, and I already checked if I had hidden the studio, but I didn't. Then I tried to just reset the studio but no luck there either. Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  22. URGENT HELP REQUIRED Colour output is not correct when printing to PDF. Keeps adding 2% Black to an item that does not have black in the colour mix. Can anyone help Many thanks
  23. Using PSD in Designer 1.9.0 for windows, creates white lines in export files' I got a mockup psd file and opened it in AD. When I export the file, it has white lines in the embedded image. I got the mockups from here:https://smashmockup.com/gold-frame-mockup-psd/ I don't have Affinity Photo. I have attached screenshots. I am a total noob at this, so it's something obvious, I would really love guidance.
  24. Hi all i have a big problem i was a AI and PS user for a long time and now with the 1.9 update AFFINITY DESIGNER uses ALT + SCROL to rotate the Canvas(Project) I used AutoHotKey to remap ALT=CTRL but is messy and can't remove curve points when creating a curved shape I want to ask you guys if there is a way to remap : CTRL+scroll wheel ALT+scroll wheel SHIFT+scroll wheel
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