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Found 1,622 results

  1. Hi. I used google drive for a long time, and now that AD is there decided to go portable, but i am having problem exporting on google drive cloud forlders. Google drive is integrated into files app, and i can save there, but can't export to it like i do on icloud. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I created a background with a gradient in Affinity Photo. In the doc and when exported, I and someone on a separate computer I shared the image to can also see the banding on the image. I tried: exporting as a JPEG, PNG, PNG-8, and converting the file format to RGB/16 and RGB/32 (HDR). RGB/16 seemed to smooth the image more but there were still bands in the image. I also tried remaking the background in RGB/32 but the background did not turn out. The image is 1920 x 1080 300 DPI How can I remove the bands or export the image without the bands?
  3. Boa noite! Prezados, O Affinity Designer e Affinity Photo estão com qualidade muito baixa na hora de exportação de arquivos pequenos, pois eu tenho que adquirir o aplicativo Photoshop para ficar com uma qualidade melhor. Seguem anexos os arquivos criados e exportado em (PNG) pelo Affinity Designer, portando o outro arquivo foi exportado para (PSD) e logo após em (PNG). Por favor, podem verificar isso para mim? Tipo: ter um recurso de otimização de alta qualidade... Atenciosamente, Gilvan
  4. I have already searched in the forum, but have not found what I was looking for. My Question: Is it possible to set the following PDF properties during an export? Document Author Document title If so, how? In the following picture you see the desired result. My Title and A. Author should be filled by affinity designer. Thanks in advance! best regards
  5. Hey there, I use this thread to not open another. When I export a 5400x4500 file it automatically turns to 5400*7635? or something like that. Is there anything I can do to solve it?
  6. Dear Sir or Ma'am, Thank you for the recent decision of Affinity to allow 90-day free trials of software and discounting to 50%. I recently bought Publisher license for Windows and it's the latest stable version of I'm unable to figure out how to change the underscores "_" in the files exported from Publisher into dishes "-" or whatever elements/parameters I like to rename on export. In other words, ALL files exported from Publisher is FileName_1, where 1 indicates the page number. On modern computers and file nomenclature, underscores are irrevocably grotesque. I'm familiar with batch naming via Adobe Bridge; however, I rather not perform the second step. Unless I missed something, please let know how I could change the underscores into dashes. Additionally, please consider allow users to rename however they wish automatically for Publisher. Thank you for the privilege of your time. Best in health and warmest wishes, Ronald
  7. I just finished a file in AP and when I try to export it to PDF it gives an error. I tried other files, older one and new ones, and they seem to work. The problem is with this file. Is there a way to debug and see what causes the error? PS: I'm using AP 1.8.3
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Affinity Suite but I think that i've encountered an export bug with Affinity Designer for iPad (1.8.3). I've designed a business card for a friend and we decided to use the Papyrus font which suits his drawings. However, when exported as a PDF file, the spacing between letters is incorrect and looks weirds. This also breaks some designs because of misalignments in the entire document. Since the business cards contains his contact informations, I've created a test document to demonstrate my problem. I've tried many different settings but the only fixes I've found are to rasterize the font during export, or to convert the fonts as curves (not sure if this is the correct term). To make sure that I wasn't missing something, I've downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer for macOS (1.8.3). With the same parameters, the text exported with the macOS version doesn't show the same problem as with the iPad version. You'll find the sample .afdesign file, PDF exports done with both macOS and iPad versions and screenshots of my export settings. Some more info : I'm using a brand new iPad Pro 11" (the 2020 model), so I don't think I've had enough time to break anything 😁 Thank you very much for reading and let me know if this is user error or if it is actually a bug. Best regards, Antoine Papyrus iPad.pdf Papyrus macOS.pdf Papyrus.afdesign
  9. Recently I checked a topic regarding same issue on this forum, but it's for a desktop version, I tried to do same recommendations from Erica (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/106098-export-from-ad-to-ai-converts-lines-to-shapes-all-settings-correct-nothing-works/&tab=comments#comment-573567) to apply on ipad version, but nothing works. I need to keep strokes attributes because I have to work with this file in AE. I'm new in AD and I'm testing if AD works better to work a vector illustration on ipad (I've been using vectornator, pretty good but with limitations).
  10. (Attached file "bug adding size 1 1.afdesign" can reproduce the bug) This is a perfect w=35px h=35px group. Coordinates and sizes are both integers. Decimal Place for pixels is set to 3. Create slice in export persona, its width became 36px, which is expected to be 35px. This happens once in a while, and I've found a workaround: If I copy the group - "perfect 35" to a new file; set its coordinate to x=0 y=0 and create slice again, I can get the slice with correct size: w=35px, h=35px. Exporting is supposed to be a light work with the user-friendly export persona. However, When I was working on a urgent project this afternoon, I encountered this bug. It brought me only pressure and frustration. I had to check each slices very carefully and re-sliced the incorrect ones with the workaround. Finally I got my work done. But what If i didn't know the workaround before? I knew this bug and found the workaround some days ago. I didn't report it because I thought you proberly knew this and had schedules. However, let alone this bug destories the mood whenever it shows up, knowing its existence, I have to keep checking carefully to ensure everything is correct. What a burden! I hope export persona become a partner I can trust as soon as possible. Windows 7 64 bit Affinity Designer (I've send the attached file to a Mac user and the bug was reproduced) bug adding size 1 1.afdesign
  11. Sorry, if I'm missing something, but is there a way, how to duplicate an existing slice in the Export Persona? There's so many things that may be defined within a slice, so duplication would really speed things up... Thanks for info :)
  12. Where are my export configuration presets? I have "Saved" some export configuration presets that I have created to export an image in different sizes, but when I want to use these settings that I have saved, I don't know where they are to choose from to apply to other images. If I know they are saved because when I create a new export configuration preset and give it the same name of the adjustment that I had previously created and saved, I get a dialog box with a message telling me that there is already a setting with that name and if I want to replace it with the new setting. What will be the error? Where do I select the export configuration presets that I have created in Export Persona? Please tell me what am I doing wrong? I hope it is not an Affinity Photo bug. I'll look forward for your answer Thank you
  13. Greetings, I have been using Affinity for quite some time now and have never had an issue with this before - it suddenly showed up with the most recent update and persists in all affinity programs - photo, designer and publisher. The issue is that when I export text as curves into PDF, letters like "I" and "l" (L) become thicker than they should be. As far as I know this doesn't mean that it'll be like that when printed, it is simply shown like this in the PDF. Some suggest to disable certain options within their PDF viewers, but this isn't a real solution as certain PDF's are shared among clients and various other people and having to let them know every time "hey, you should disable/enable option X" isn't efficient. The solution to this issue was finally presented in this very old article : https://www.underconsideration.com/speakup/archives/004301.html Adding additional anchor points made everything work and show correctly. I have been using the same method all the time within Affinity software as well and it worked perfectly - since the last patch that is. Now, I always get thick lines no matter how many anchor points I add and now matter what option I enable or disable in my viewer. I have even tried adding a very small rounded stroke around the letter i (I) and L (l) to avoid this idea of it being a simply thin rectangle with only 4 anchor points : But it didn't help. Even worse, the letter was even more thick than before! 😱 Since this issue didn't exist prior to the latest patch and it suddenly appeared, I posted it here on the forum in hopes that someone might know what option perhaps needs to be enabled in the new version, or if it actually truly is a bug. I repeat, this isn't just a PDF viewer issue anymore, adding anchor points is completely ignored during export and the resulted exported PDF even loses all added anchor points, which means the following is happening now : You can open a brand new document in designer Type anything consisting of letters I, for example "I need this to work" Convert the text to curves Add additional anchor points to "I" Export for print PDF with no rasterization of any type. Check up, just in case, convert text to curves Open exported PDF in designer again The letter "I" is not a curve anymore, while everything else is This could potentially cause problems with printers who deliberately ask for text in curves This should mean that there seems to exist a new bug during export to PDF. 😭
  14. Know how like every filter in Affinity does this amazing live preview thing where you see what you're going to get before you commit to it. > LOVE THAT < Well, I was attempting to export an image ...in this case it was a GIF with a reduced color palette... What I was hoping to see, as I was trying to find the right size / quality-diminishing balance, was a preview of the export along with the estimated size. How cool would that be! Unfortunately, I had to export the file and then go see on the file system if what I got was usable. ...ick
  15. A warm hello to the forum - this is my first post 🙂 I need help concerning exporting my (very first self layouted) fotobook from Publisher to a PDF document for printing. Regardless of all the different PDF settings I tried, the horizontal separation line I placed beetween the pagination doesen't get rendered? It seems that the line gets reduced to a small point in the PDF document...? I have onother (black) line on my spread (left side), which gets rendered perfectly well in the output. The lines were drawn with the pen tool in 0.5pt (no fill & white stroke) and is grouped together with the page numbers. Is this a defect or am I something missing? BTW, if I rasterize the line, everything is fine. Still, I don't want to change that on 250+ pages... Any help appreciated, thanks in advance. Robert
  16. Noticed a could of times when I create a long page design like a landing page... And I try to export to png with a 2x or more multiplier... It refuses to export properly. It still exports with default 1x even if I've changed it to 2x or more..
  17. I want a feature to export SVG files as keeping the layer display state. In help document (Layers panel), it says: However, I confirmed that the display state of the layer was maintained when exporting to PSD file. And I want this behavior even in SVG export. Could you implement this feature? Due to the above limitations, clients who only have Adobe Illustrator cannot show illustrations as I intended. For example, I would like to make only the "eyes open" layer visible and the "eyes wink" layer invisible, but currently I cannot export without making both visible. As a result, my client have been forced to show the illustration in an unreadable state.
  18. Hi, why when exporting as .png does it export at such a poor quality?
  19. Hi, I have to designed this presentation and everything looks fine. But the moment I export the PDF, the stokes act so weird ? See the video attached bellow. Thank you Export-Storke-Behavior.mp4
  20. When exporting PDF, some vector elements are missing. The document has linked native Affinity Designer's files embedded. What is weird that those vector elements are missing from those files. Another problem is that it depends on export settings, for example: Profile: Print - properly is exported only cover page, on following pages, are missing certain vector elements. Profile: Export - it seems ok Does any encountered similar problem. So far I do not see the way around...
  21. Hi All, I've been following this thread as I have ran into similar issues. After updating to Affinity Designer 1.8.1 my PDF exports tripled in size and text was no longer selectable. Just updated to 1.8.2, I can get file size down, but am still not able to get selectable text on the PDF export. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi, Could you add feature to export Affinity Publishers sheets to Microsoft Powerpoint, this feature will really helps!!! Thank you,
  23. Hi all, Thanks for taking a moment to read. Sincere apologies if I have posted in the wrong area - I'm entirely new here! I had been working on the beta and migrated over to 1.8.0 yesterday (and 1.8.1 this morning) and since the change, my PDF export file sizes have increased dramatically. Before the switch, my PDF was exported as "PDF for export" at 144 DPI and it was around 30 MB. It's a 116 page document. Now, even if I use PDF small size at 72 DPI, it's 120 MB. Not to mention the export takes minutes instead of seconds. The PDF is 10% larger than the AFPUB. Colour me confused! I have experimented with different settings and I can't seem to get the file size back down to something manageable. I think it might be an issue of my lack of understanding but I'm just not sure. I've done my best to resolve it on my own through forums and tutorials but I'm coming up empty. Any guidance that could be offered would be most appreciated. March_Catalog_Working_File.afpub
  24. Hey there, I’m wondering if there’s any way to get a shortcut to open a photo in Affinity directly from my iPads Gallery export menu. I’ve tried clicking edit actions but can’t find affinity anywhere as an available shortcut. See screen shot *** please help :)
  25. Hello! I was trying to export this file as a PDF to test some stuff and it errors out on me every time I try to export pages. However, when I export as spreads, it works just fine. Any ideas on why this would happen? Yeast_Lab_Report.afpub
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