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  1. Absolutely yes. Can you send me a Dbox link, and I will drop it in. I have been assisted in that way be your team. I really appreciate if you could facilitate that. Thank you
  2. BACKGROUND I had few issues with Affinity Publisher and .afpub files get larger (exceeding 650MB) when I prepare 66 pages 8.5x11 size magazine. I realized the issue was use of Affinity Photo in connection with Affinity Publisher. This is how I experimented. I saved my first 650MB afpub file and the I started same on a new format from scratch. There were few images I had to edit on Affinity Photo while I am doing layout on Affinity Publisher. So I was juggling between Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. Soon after the edit, afpub file size skyrocketed, like in 150MB.. for just one page. I stopped there and edited all the photos separately in PSCC and then kept creating my 66 pages document. I ended up my afpub document completed with 17.8MB with 66 pages to fit in 8.5x11. So I know now I should not edit on Affinity Photo when I m working on Publisher. So the problem is solved. QUESTION I started exporting 17.8MB document as a pdf with PDF(print) setting, then I had my pdf 280MB size. I have done this in the past and I ended up my document having around 100MB. I am not sure why my PDF file size getting so high while exporting 17.8 MB file as a pdf. Help needed. Thank you for the support from the team.
  3. @stokerg Thank you for your explanation. much appreciated.
  4. @R C-R Thank you, I assume this is your opinion and I agree, and I understand this already. I posted this to have a more knowledge on Manage Presets including What is Above DPI mean, what is Resamplar, Should I tick Downsample Image or not ? At least if you could shared a video tutorial from knowledgeable source, that would be a great help.
  5. I produce a magazine to get printed on MagCloud (herein after MC) They maximum file size for a PDF file 8.5x11 is 300MB. I exported a 68 pages PDF with setting JPEG Compression 98, Above DPI 325, Pre set PRINT PDF, Final product ended up with 310 MB which is too big file for MC to accept. Then I altered the setting (mainly JPEG Compression 79), I had a pdf just under 300MB. My questions, Does, having reduced JPEG Compression around 75ish, negatively affect the final product, PDF. What actually Above DPI value does, and how the variation of that value affects the final product? Thank You @Dan C
  6. Many thanks for your advice and support. You guys are so amazing proving your clients solutions. I certainly will keep posting in this thread should I have any burning issues arising from publisher. Is that ok by you ? Many thanks
  7. now the color picker works on the same file ..other issues remained unchanged
  8. I will upload a video soon..I m off to a eye surgery this week..may be it takes time
  9. I use Windows 10. No I did not see color values. Thats ok, no need apologies. we all busy. I m super impressed with the technical support from Affinity. Mean time would you recommend any video tutorial for affinity
  10. I have uploaded the afpub file and faults in a word document. many thanks
  11. Yes , only to the affnity application. happy to send the document to you in private messenger or email. can you send me a message. Thank you
  12. well this happens to entire document . I am preparing a 70 pages 8.5x11 magazine. I wanted to delete some pages, on delete command the entire document or the application get closed. that means i never can delete the page I wanted to. And same with when i move pages (shuffle ) un an down
  13. I am using Affinity Publisher V1 When I try to delete a page or move a page up or down. entire Affinity Publisher shuts down , just like you close the application. What could be the cause and how to fix it . Please let me know if you guys need more info Thank You
  14. Thank you for sending this.. are you able to send a drop box link in private , please
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