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  1. Thank you for sending this.. are you able to send a drop box link in private , please
  2. I tried to upload a file, "the link is no longer available or deleted " message appeared Can you resend the link Thank You
  3. Oh thank you so much for your reply. I m quiet new and trying to understand what is .afpub file tho? I will then send all the info for you Thank You
  4. I recently created a customized magazine for a local artist. I edited photo on PS CC 19 then loaded them to Affinity Publisher. When I hit the Export (Screen shot 1) and then it takes nearly 20-30 mins to create the PDF. It stays as shown in screen shot 2 then slows and takes more than 30mins actually. All the images I upload average 2.0MB file size. Also I noticed color changes on Affinity Publisher (Photoshop CC I edit with Profoto Color space) I really appreciate any tips and help here Kind Regards (**I been doing this for last 18 months and this happened for the first time )
  5. Thank you for those who commented in support. Matter is not resolved and waiting further evidence. Once I have more info I will forward them to the staff for a proper probe. Thank you all.
  6. Hello NathanC, Thank you for the follow up. I have sent you a message for this Thank you so much.
  7. Garry P. I like your idea and I may be able to share this with. No hurry so I can wait for MONDAY, Thank you
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. I have published so many documents with this file path and similar name. Never had an issue
  9. I can not create a PDF our of the publisher I have. It comes with an error message. Do not know where to look and how to fix. Appreciate any feedback
  10. Thank you all the answers and contributors. Problem solved . Thank you
  11. Thank you for this post. I am on a desktop so I do not have this version tho. I think you are on a phone
  12. Thank you, I think I m getting this..but not easy as in PS CC brush manipulation
  13. OK what I m trying to do have a color photo, added an adjustment layer (say curve to darken the background) then applied a mask to the curve layer, then clicked on the mask layer and remove darker area from the subject, accidental background removal can not undo either with black or white (working on white first)
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