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  1. When drawing elements to be cut on a laser cutter, setting up a document in mm is very helpful. Unfortunately, the common interchange file format for this kind of device is SVG. While the file format supports measurements in defined units, Designer converts to pixels during the export, which means that after import, the dimensions have to be recalculated. Therefore, it would be great to have the option to preserve the units from the document during export, such that a 50x150mm rectangle is exported just as such.
  2. Hi, Summary: the crop tool in the develop persona of Affinity Photo takes the wrong portion of the image as a result. Version: 1.4.2, OS X 10.11.6 Steps to reproduce: - Load JPG image into Affinity Photo by dragging it to the Logo in the Dock. - Go to Develop Persone - Select the crop tool - straighten the image - adjust image portion in the rotated image - Double-Click on the crop selection Expected result: the image is cropped to the portion that is selected using the crop tool Actual result: the image portion is taken from the rotated image, but the coordinates do not match (I think x coordinate is correct, but y is offset) instead of the correct coordinates of the tool. Untitled.mov