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Found 1,424 results

  1. In AD the text looks fine however when exported to PDF, JPEG or PNG it appears rasterised. Is this a problem with the programme or something I'm overlooking? Project and PDF attached. TEA.afdesign TEA.pdf
  2. The question is in the title... is PDF / SVG export functionality fully implemented? I ask because in my test cases I'm seeing gradients, and shapes with effects getting clipped + rasterized rather then being fully editable gradients + effects. Ideally any effects should use SVG filters when exported. This was always a problem I had with DrawPlus. I often had to export out at really high DPI to remove any gradient dithering, and import it into Illustrator where I vectorized the rasterized portions. The results I'm getting right now are disappointing. Though the PNG export from a large vector files is incredibly fast, and clean. Nice work there.
  3. When you export an SVG, whole document gets exported. An option to export only the image (shapes), without empty portions of background page would be very nice.
  4. Just purchased AD and spent some time test-driving it -- feels nice, intuitive UI. Personally, I was very interested in SVG export for web work and I was happy to see it under the supported formats. Having done a quick test, it certainly worked but I had to edit the SVG file afterwords to get it working 'responsively' (sized via CSS, using percentages). Currently, the SVG is exported with its size determined by the 'width' and 'height' attributes. For example, an object defined as 50x50px object will have width="50" height="50" baked in. By replacing these attributes with viewBox="0 0 50 50", the size can now can be controlled using CSS, e.g., svg { width:100%; } It's an easy manual fix but it would be great to have the option setting available during export..
  5. Hallo Affinity Team, I'm looking for an alternative to Illustrator and have tried out Affinity. Unfortunately, I'm rather disappointed with the SVG Export in Affinity. Some layers in my vector graphics are coded as inline PNGs (data:image/png;base64). It would also be nice if the layer names were also exported in the SVG, so that I can target them in the code later. Thanks, Gary
  6. Hi everyone. I've just recently started using the trial version of AD, thinking about ending my CC subscription and moving over from Illustrator. The main thing I use Illustrator for is designing newspaper ads in work which have multiple images. When sending the final file to the papers I export the PDF with the Adobe PDF Preset set to 'Print Quality' which reduces the file size down to around 2mb. I'm wondering is there anyway to change the PDF settings when exporting files from AD. The ad I'm working on is exporting as a 11mb file, the same file exported from Illustrator is 2.7mb. Thanks in advance and I must say I'm really liking the app so far!
  7. Hi, I'm really loving this so far. Ran into a roadblock today: I've created several layer groups, each of a black circle with a white number in it. Very simple -- think calculator buttons. They are all on the same page which I set up as an iPad Retina project. I want to set up slices for each of the identical calculator buttons so I can export them all at once into PNGs for my project. I go to export persona, select all the layers, and select "create slices". This works*** Except I notice that the slices are slightly different sizes. For example some are 142x142 and some are 141x141 and some are 141x142 etc... So I went back to draw personal and noticed that the layer groups were also different sizes, even though they were made with the exact same copies of the original surrounding circle with a number in it. I thought, maybe I can go through and make sure they are all the same size, but as soon as I do that the circle and number inside gets stretched. I can clearly see on the screen that that layer boundary is not touching one side of the circle on some of them, but there appears nothing I can do about it? It's important that all my slices are exactly the same size. Any advice? Thanks for the help! PS. I've added a screen capture to show how Affinity has chosen layers sizes differently for identical objects. *** (Note that before I grouped each number with its circle, the layers-to-slices function stopped working and kept putting all slices in the same place, or then it started putting them in the the complete wrong place. I downloaded the beta to see if it fixed anything and it did't. So I grouped each number with their surrounding circles and the slice from layer function started working again).
  8. I'm currently trying out the Demo Version of Affinity Designer, and I really like it a lot, the only problem I have is that if I export the Document as SVG, I end up with an SVG that contains only one single PNG as image object, but what I really wanted is a vector graphic. Is this a Demo limitation? If not, how can I export it as a real vector graphic? Icecast Shema.afdesign
  9. When I export the attached file nrf2 new structure explained.afdesign as a pdf I just get some of the objects and these are solid black (see other attached file nrf2 new structure explained.pdf). If I export as a png than all is okay. If I try to print I get a blank page. When I open Affinity Designer help from the main menu I just get a blank page.
  10. Hey All, Don't know if this would interest anyone else but i'd like to be able to export to more than one format at the same time. It's something i do with almost every export, one PDF, one PNG and sometimes a SVG as well. Its not a big deal for me to do this manually, but it would be nice just to tick a box and export once. Cheers.
  11. Hello, Already exists, or no way to create a shortcut key for "File > Export..." option? I need to create many png files and this would be nice. Thank's
  12. Hi, I'm getting used to it (switching from photoshop) but there is one thing that I think should be little bit twicked. All this export persona and slices works awesome. But when You want to export some slice, but not only one layer, but some area, You need to switch to "pixel persona" a switch on/off layers that You don't want/do want. Maybe this hiding layes feature should be also in layer tree at "export persona"? It will be much faster when You want to export some croped area. Or I'm just doing something wrong? @edit And maybe one more thing related to "export persona". When You unselect slice, it should disappear from viewport. When You have a lot of slices, there is huge viusal mess.
  13. Robopenguin

    Error Exporting EPS Files

    Hi. I have Affinity Designer on my laptop and really like it. There have been a few times when I have needed to design something for work on my laptop and then export it as an .eps file so I can open it at the office using Adobe Illustrator. When I open these .eps files the artwork is off center and cropped. I also discovered some clipping masks had been added during the export. As an example, I have saved the same design as an affinity project and then as an eps file. You can see the design shift up and to the left, and although it looks like it is just moved off the artboard, the design is actually cropped using clipping masks. Before Export: After Export: Any suggestions on what I can do to get a clean eps export? Thanks!
  14. When I click the Export Persona Button (3rd button from left) the whole menu bar on top icons are blurry. I have the latest Affinity Serif and Yosemite as of today's post.
  15. I have 2 Macs. I know this is a per Mac issue. When I click the Export Persona Button (3rd button from left), the whole top of the program turns gray and the icons turn blurry. I click back on the Draw or Pixel Persona buttons and it is still gray with blurry icons. I tried to copy this issue on my MacBook Pro and no issue there! What can I do to fix this... iMac is 2009 with Yosemite, MacBook Pro is 2012 with Yosemite. All updates current as of today. I have tried to check "Reduce Transparency" and uncheck "LCD font smoothing" but these do not help. Also Yosemite seems to get the "blurry text" fever every so often, but that is an OS X issue i'm sure!
  16. Hi, I guess this is an absolute beginners question... I was able to create a logo with Affinity Designer. Everything is fine. But whenever I export it as .jpeg or .png and then import it in MS-Word, the whole A4 page will be imported. How can I export just my drawings? Thanks so much in advance for your help!
  17. The Export sheet has two buttons, Cancel and Export. Cancel is already keyboard-enabled (or acts as if it is); hitting ESC closes the sheet. But Export cannot be activated with the Keyboard; one must use the mouse. If Export were the default button, hitting Return or Enter would "press" it. (I'm using AD to build multilayer graphics; I typically have ten or so exports per graphic with different layers turned on and off. I've assigned Command+E to File > Export..., so once I've set the format and directory for my first export, I can do everything quickly through the keyboard, except for "pressing Export" in the Export sheet. Moving the mouse between the Layers palette and the Export slows down the process quite a bit.)
  18. I need to design a stationary with a logo in DIN A4 and export it to PDF. Document settings are set to print and A4, everything else is set to default. When I now export the document with the logo to PDF and try to print it, printer settings are set to 96 % in order to fit the PDF on the A4 paper. In other terms, the dimensions of the exported PDF are not A4 but about 4% larger. This is serious, because I need to send the export to the printer's. To narrow the problem a bit further: I additionally printed the Affinity Designer document to PDF instead of exporting, and this works well.
  19. It'd be wonderful if the ability to export slices was expanded even further for the creation of icon sets. With icons, I want the ability to dump raster images of various sizes. So, for example I might want to: 1.) For each slice, generate a PNG file with the object centered at 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, and 256x256 2.) For each slice, create a .ico file with all of the following images at multiple color depths. Use case #1 is something I need multiple times per week. Use case #2 is fairly rare.
  20. I tried to prepare my work for the printing press. The original AD file has a size of 550MB. When I export as PDF the size will be shrank to 9MB. I guess AD is compressing the images, what's bad for high quality printing. I would be happy, if there will be some more options for exporting as PDF like no image compression or color profile management (like e.g. Adobe Illustrator) Last I tried to export as EPS. As it seems, AD is adding a margin bottom and right and the quality of the images/photos is absolutely poor as you can see on the print screen with the original file and the exported one. So I tried to export as TIFF with bicubic resampling. It could be an alternative but the quality is not as good as I expected from a TIFF export: Graphics, images but also fonts are diffuse. I would more like to export as high quality PDF or EPS file. Btw: The TIFF file can't be opened with the preview app of OS X Yosemite, it works with AD and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator but not with Apple's preview app. When I try to export with another resampling mode, just the fan becomes challenged but the file size stays always 8Byte. I would really appreciate if you could improve the export functionality to become ready for printing press work. Thanks
  21. When I export my project as a PDF, a strange outline surrounds the shadow around objects and text. I have attached 2 images, one was exported as a PNG and shows how I intended the text to look, and the other was exported as a PDF and shows the strange outline.
  22. Is it possible to export a slice without defining a slicing area? I think, without going back into Sketch that you can define an object to be sliced without having to define an area with the slice tool. Say I created a bunch of buttons and icons - each button and icon are grouped. Is it possible to select the group and export it, without defining a slicing area? ----- Is it possible to slice a group without turning off all the underlying layers to make, say, a transparent png? Take the above example of icons and buttons. Currently the workflow is to define a slicing area, and then I have turn off all the underlying layers in order to make the icon have a transparent background. I believe if the above situation was solved for (exporting layers/ groups), that I wouldn't have to hide multiple layers in-order to get a transparent background. * This is a great feature, which I'd be open to requesting, for people making graphics that use hover effects and changing backgrounds - say for example on buttons. In the attachment I have multiple button icons to be exported and it sucks to hide all the layers, export the icons, then display all the layers again (primarily cause the layers could be at all kinds of different levels in the layers panel)
  23. Hi all, so far I'm really fond of Affinity Designer. However I encountered one problem: I created a flyer, containing two image and three text elements. Nothing special. Exporting as .tif or .psd works fine. Exporting as .pdf or .eps however just exports blank (white) content. Running AD on Mac OS X 10.8.5 Affinity Designer 1.1.0 Any hint on what I might change or could try?
  24. I haven't explored the trial version yet so this question maybe premature. Does Affinity support .dxf export or some kind of .dwg for CAD?
  25. Finally, after upgrading to Yosemite, my Mac seems to have settled down, but I wonder if Yosemite is the cause of this issue: I did have a page with two black cats on it. I only wanted to upload one black cat. Sensibly I made a copy of the page, with a completely different file name, before trying to export. I have tried every known way, over the weekend, of catching just one black cat and exporting it - file menu, personas, jpegs, pngs, marquees and every variation thereof, but it always exports the full page with both black cats. And, whilst I can revert to a previous copy of my black cats, the sensibly saved copy with the different file name appears to have disappeared - or maybe instead of exporting as a jpeg it converted to a jpeg? The strange thing is that I didn't have this problem with the betas and I'm wondering whether I'm just missing the obvious or whether Yosemite is still trying to scupper my efforts?