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  1. I forget to precise this point. At first time, I tried to export as a PDF (printing settings), without expand the stroke. The result was the same as describe with the eps format. So I tried to select the strokes, to vectorise them and export as pdf... no way. Them I tried to export as eps and you know the end. But I still learn to work with AD and AP ;-) Thank you for the link to the adobe informations about Postscript vs PDF. I usually use PDF format for printing documents.
  2. Thank you for the answer. I keep hope and I'm waiting for the next release :-) But it makes me keeping Illustrator for a moment for professional projects. I'm going to draw my logo again on Illustrator :-(
  3. Hi, I draw some strokes for a logo (look at the attached picture). I used strokes and changed the pressure to have different width along the line. The end of the stroke is round. I wanted to export my work in eps format to be able to print it ou use it with Illustrator... I saw in the eps file in illustrator that the round of my stokes became broken lines. Come back in AD, I decide to vectorise the stroke (layer menu). In french it's called "vectoriser le contour". And I obtain the same result : broken lines... Is it a normal behavior ? I also wonder why there are so many nodes (and no tools to simplify all those nodes). It's very difficult to change/adjust quickly the curve with so many useless nodes !! I hope my explanation is clear. Thank you.
  4. Thank you MEB for your quick answer. I had found the Show Tools in the menu but it wasn't that. Your suggestion with the ctrl key worked for me. The tools panel is full now and I can work with the complete application.
  5. Hello, I'have just download Affinity Photo from the Mac App Store. The tool panel on the left is empty !!! No tools icons like I can see in tutorials videos. I deleted the appli and the preference file, downloaded again from the Mac App store, but it's the same thing: No icons !!! Can you help me please ?
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