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  1. If a layer is locked, you can select the layer from the layers panel and still be able to modify the properties of the items. For example, creating text and then locking the layer still allows you to change its color, size, font etc. This makes locking a layer pretty much useless. Please fix this.
  2. 1. Is there anyway to select a line segment between two points? 2. Is there a way to delete a line segment without deleting the entire shape? Note: I find it really annoying that whenever I click on a segment with the node tool, it creates a point instead of selecting it. I think this should be the behavior when clicking with a modifier key or at the very least as a user defined preference.
  3. Affects: Designer (Mac/Windows) Photo (Mac/Windows) Issue: Objects can go beyond the set decimal place you set in the preferences and will never be displayed, which can cause issues because you may never know that something is not on a whole pixel if you have your decimal place set low. This leads exports sometimes being the incorrect size or items not lining up perfectly. I know there is the snapping option to set to whole pixels, but this does not seem to work if you have an object already on a non-whole pixel or you type in a value with a decimal place. Suggestion: I'm not sure how this should be addressed, but I think there should be an option or something that forces objects to not go beyond what you have set. If it does, then it should just round to your set decimal place.
  4. MEB, if it's not already, could you add it to the feature requests?
  5. Is there a way in Designer/Photo to export multiple formats of the same layer when using the Export Persona? If not, I think this would be something I'd suggest for a feature request as something nice to have, but not critical.
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