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  1. 1. Is there anyway to select a line segment between two points? 2. Is there a way to delete a line segment without deleting the entire shape? Note: I find it really annoying that whenever I click on a segment with the node tool, it creates a point instead of selecting it. I think this should be the behavior when clicking with a modifier key or at the very least as a user defined preference.
  2. I think you're correct, it was just confusing because Photoshop only shows you RGB together or each one separately and never indicates alpha channel.
  3. Issue: Color data for black seems to be missing or not being read by the program properly when using adjustments. (Or I'm doing something wrong) Affects: Photo Designer Example: I draw on a pixel layer with black as the color and when I go to make an adjustment with the levels, curves, etc., nothing shows up in the graph area and none of the adjustments have any affect. I also copied the same layer and brought it in to Photoshop to do the exact same levels adjustment and it works as expected.
  4. MEB, if it's not already, could you add it to the feature requests?
  5. Is there a way in Designer/Photo to export multiple formats of the same layer when using the Export Persona? If not, I think this would be something I'd suggest for a feature request as something nice to have, but not critical.
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