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  1. No Just upload a SVG to any WP site and you will see what I mean Wordpress needs a custom permission to even upload a SVG Still, this will not be handled as a Image.
  2. 25% of all websites in the world can not display SVG Wordpress as a key word The Media will simply not be recognized as a Image. Since PNG is as per above not able to render a simple circle - I am lost. And wonder how a designer in future will create a Logo for WP. Sorry if I am dumb - how do you suggest to create a Logo for 25% of worlds websites, using Affinity?
  3. Maybe if I reformulate my question: How do you create a Logo with Affinity Design, that is Web ready?
  4. I disagree PNG is very possible to be created in a scaled format and no pixels. I have done it with AI - do you think a Logo in WordPress is in SVG format, or you create a new Logo for each single dimension in PNG forma you need? I think we misunderstand each other. It must be possible to resize a (created with AD) image to a smaller size without loss of quality, and *then* export to PNG But simply this is not possible - as elaborated in my initial Post. What do I miss?
  5. The issue is simple, the solution IMHO even simpler (it should just work) 1. Create a new DOC in AD with the highest possible settings - Either a QFHD Web Doc with 74 DPI or a Custom DOC with 400 DPI 2. Draw a Circle with 1000px * 1000PX 3. Switch to Pixel View (to see how it will look once exported as a PNG) 4. Zoom up and see the border of the Circle as in my screenshot "Bad" 5. Switch off Pixel View and see the border of the Circle as in my Screenshot "Good" I want to be able to create a simple thing in AD, and export it as seen in "Good" Instead, if I export as PNG, I get "Bad" I also want to be able to create this as a 1000*1000 Circle, and freely resize smaller with the h/w settings, export. Instead results are worse. I am used to AI and there you just do this without even thinking of bad results. Please elaborate how you can export a object created with AD, to a PNG, without having borders/details/etc pixeled instead of a "neat line" That is simply a must. I understand that AD is way cheaper then AI but if a simple thing like the above is not possible with AD, I do not see the sense in buying a license. Thank you
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