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  1. Perfect! You guy are awesome! Thank you!!!
  2. Yes, I clicked, but it adds a node with these adjustment handles directly. Only when I move these handles to the node completely, I receive a sharp angle, instead of a curve. :-)
  3. Dear all, thank you very much for the quick and kind responses! :-D Unfortunately, the line only bends in a curve, when doing so, but I need a sharp angel, thus another sharp bend on the two roof lines. Edit: It worked! Thank you very very much!!!
  4. Dear all, I have a curve / line, created using the pen tool, representing a church tower. I now need to add two nodes, to make the tower look slightly different. Unfortunately i do not know how to add nodes to the existing "curve". Any hint would be highly appreciated. Thank you! :-)
  5. I am so happy for your comment and your help; and the example you provided is exactly what I want to achieve. But what ever I do, when I add a stroke it adds it to each element. As sson as I use the boolean add function, the whole design becomes black :-( Oh man, I am in trouble, I have to order the t-shirts and these will take 10 working days to be printed... :-o Nooooohooo! It was me! I forgott to remove the filling! - Works perfect! Thank you soooo much, gdenby!!!!! :-D
  6. Thanks guys! Sounds perfect, gdenby! I'll try later today.... :)
  7. Dear all, so I have finished a design that will be printed on grey T-shirts. I would love to add another small white outline around everything, but everything I try adds outlines to each and every single element so (for example) the blue lighting effect gets lost and the red and the black swoosh get an outline each, but I need one around everything. :-). I bet this is pretty easy to be done, but I don't know how...
  8. Me too! ;) After about a minute or two, or three...
  9. Thank you very much Chris, for your quick response! I PM you the link to my dropbox folder. Unfortunately it crashes with every document I use, shortly after I switched over to another application. :-(
  10. I work in designer, export a PDF, write an e-mail to send this pdf to someone and boom pops up the message, that AD has crashed. This happens every every every time, about a minute after I have switched to another application, again and again and again. :angry: Please find my error report hereinafter. I really hope someone can help me. I sold my adobe products and was not willing to switch back...
  11. Many many thanks for your assistance, MEB! :) In the meantime I exported it as a JPG and sent it to the print shop. But now I have an even bigger problem with the flyer / folder from the same file. I try to copy and paste it in a predefined PDF or AI file from the print shop. but Designer hangs or crashes each and every time! I am totally in love with Affinity, but given the actual situation, I can not risk to start any further project, using Designer I'm afraid. :wacko: :( Unfortunately I have sold my Adobe products already... Argh! Please restore my love for Designer somebody!!! :P That is going to be a loooooooooooong night... :mellow:
  12. Thank you! :) Hopefully they will find the issue, as I have paid already for the printing and only have to upload the file now. I use PDF/X-1A, 300DPI, Color Space set to CMYK. I can make a screenprint of the settings if needed. ;)
  13. Thank you, MEB, have uploaded the file now. The Poster Artboard is the one that needs to be exported. :)
  14. Dear all, I have set up an artboard in Designer, that I now want to export as a PDF, as it will be printed as a poster. Unfortunately the PDF export crashed the program every time and after a reboot, the status bar runs to about 20% and wont move any further. I have already converted all my text sections to curves, but that won't help either. The complete Affinity file is 175 MB, so it would be a problem to upload, I'm afraid. :( Any idea someone?
  15. Nonsense! It was the background that made me think the inner circle would be filled, but it wasn't! :lol: Have a wonderful Sunday everybody! ;)