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  1. Kheyyy... An attempt to face vector brushes... ... and wireframe preview:
  2. Photo of a Sumatran tiger sleeping from my trip to ZSL London
  3. This is a picture of a friends cat (Cutie) that was taken with a low quality cell phone camera. Decided to turn it into a 19th century photograph, inspired by pictorialism. I'm sure if I spend more time on it, it would look better, also, would probably help if I had a more hi-res photo of the cat. Any feedback welcome! This is the original image,
  4. Earlier this summer I took some photos of snails and modified them a little with Affinity Photo. Here are the results. With the first one I only edited the um.. "home" on the snails back a bit plus darkened the upper or more distant background using a gradient layer. The second snail got a little more dramatic change as you can see. I made the um.. "hut" green and the body a bit luminescent. Affinity products have really helped me advance as a photographer by motivating me. It's soo much more fun to take photographs, when you know you can make something fantastic (in more than one sense of the word fantastic) out of them. L.P.
  5. This turtle is made with Affinity Designer. I've really just recently started to appreciate the way in which Affinity blends raster and vector. That's at least one thing that makes it unique, and it's not just uniqueness for the sake of being different.
  6. I am still using the trial (5 days in) and trying to get a handle on the program before time runs out and I have to decide if I want to use it on my old surface (it freezes up every time I use the program, so I am trying to settle on if I want to save up and get a newer Surface or go to an iPad or just deal with freezing). I'm having a lot of fun and getting to where I'm understanding some of it I think. Free-hand and purposefully trying to keep it simple. This is a very different style from my usual digital art so it feels weird to me, but I am enjoying it.
  7. The next image in my series of vector paintings contains a horse for reasons explained in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2021/07/warrior-horse.html This is just the horse part, the scene that may one time hopefully surround it, still is a mystery at this point. This drawing is a work in progress.
  8. I've been using Designer for a number of years, but haven't really bothered sharing my work on here. Here's a series I worked on leading up to the election centered around a few key political figure figures, and inspired from those god awful books I read as a kid. Created with Affinity Designer on the iPad.
  9. Been watching a few Youtube videos while I wait for my Affinity Designer book to come, and in the process have made a few lil graphics, playing around with child objects, gradients, the add/subtract/divide functions and transparency.
  10. FROG illustration!, made on affinity designer IPAD! I love it this one, it was quite fun to work with it 🤣 This tutorial is available on the Tutorial section Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack
  11. BEE design, made on iPad using Affinity DESIGNER! challenge called VECTOBER 2020 in this october month you guys have all the access to improve and sharp your design and illustration skills just join on the live streaming tutorials 😊 The video is going to be available at the Tutorial topics Brushes used: MVB Package 77 Vector Brushes - Download now https://gum.co/MVBpack
  12. Monkey done using Affinity designer iPad! a tutorial for the VECTOBER 2020 awesome techniques to improve more your graphic illustration skills the best and most complete on youtube 😋 The video is going to be available at the Tutorial topics Brushes used: MVB Package 77 Vector Brushes - Download now https://gum.co/MVBpack
  13. OCTOPUS design, made on affinity designer ipad! Artwork done for a tutorial VECTOBER 2020 In this lesson you will see how you can apply awesome techniques for EYES and Tentacles using SYMBOLS The video is going to be available at the Tutorial topics Brushes used: MVB Package 77 Vector Brushes - Download now https://gum.co/MVBpack S
  14. Chicken design, made on affinity designer desktop! This tutorial is available on the Tutorial section Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack
  15. This is a recently completed commission, which was fantastically enjoyable to undertake. Frankentoon’ s Texturiser Brush Set was a great help In creating the patina of the leather and the cushion fabric,, and Gagatka’s fur brush set really helped in creating the texture of the throw over the back of the chair. Otherwise, the smudge tool in pixel persona was essential in creating the sheen of the dog’s fur.
  16. This is the Turtle! done on affinity designer ipad pro! This tutorial is available on the Tutorial section My Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack
  17. Hi There ☺️, sharing here my design done from the Vectober, it’s a challenge during this month, I will be posting all the results on here This tutorial is available on the Tutorial section Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack
  18. If anyone had asked me short time ago what would I go for if ditching Photoshop for digital painting, my normal answer would have been "Affinity Photo". But then one day I found myself painting in Designer's pixel persona and loving it too! I'm faster every time and understand a bit better the brushes, which for whatever the reason have always been a bit of a hard to handle and tame subject matter for me in Serif products. I am currently researching on different species for better and more effective workflows when it comes to science communication and illustration. This is an attempt to improve painting fur... More to come! Full project including time-lapse here: : https://www.behance.net/gallery/93107969/Scientif-illustration-Mammals UPDATE ON RESEARCH> So, now I am trying to replicate this craziness with the so called vector brushes in the Designer persona. I reckon the guy on the left needs a comb! hahaaha!! Anyways.. one step at a time, I'll get him one. The one on the right is for comparing both versions side by side. Brushes galore!!
  19. (Very) quick digi-doodle to celebrate International Polar Bear Day.
  20. Created these two last week as part of a current project I'm working on. It's done fully on Affinity Designer with a mixed workflow of vectors and bitmaps.
  21. Hi all, here's something very different from my usual and a bit of a personal challenge on a recent illustration project. Denman Digital in Vancouver hired me to create a series of images for a project they were doing for their client the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) here in Canada. The Hunting in Canada Field Guide lays out the traditional methods, tools and prey Indigenous people used and continue to use to survive and thrive in Canada's northern frontiers. This project is a web companion piece to their Moosemeat and Marmalade adventure cooking show on APTN. https://aptn.ca/moosemeatandmarmalade/ Almost every aspect of these illustrations utilized the pixel persona in Designer. I could've use Photo exclusively for this but I am much more comfortable and familiar with Designer and the process is basically the same. I created a bunch of new custom brushes as well as used many of Designers default and user-contributed brushes for this. I was rather pleased with the final outcomes and have since started adding more of this pixel painting workflow to my usual work. Rather than upload a bunch of images here I'll point you to a few links on my Behance site below and leave just a few images here. The project was broken down into 3 areas: Prey, Hunting Tools and Hunting Strategies. https://www.behance.net/gallery/77640277/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Prey https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647417/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Tools https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647933/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Strategies Much thanks to Denman Digital and APTN. :-)
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