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Found 36 results

  1. Inconvenient behavior when sending an image to Affinity Photo from an external browser such as ACDSee or ON1's browser module: 1. Choose the image file within a browser 2. Send file to open within Affinity Photo 3. Perform editing in AP 4. Select "Save As" to save your work When you choose "Save As" in AP to save work in a native file, the application opens the "last saved" folder, which is not necessarily the folder where the file resides. This requires navigation to the native folder before implementing Save As. Please change the default behavior in this circumstance to open in the home folder of the file being edited. (That's the way it works when the the file is opened from within AP.)
  2. When I wish to save an image I have finished working on and I want to save it, the only option available to me is with an AFPHOTO file extension. How do I save a file, say, as a TIF, JPG or any other common type of file extension ? "Save As" does not give me any option either. There surely must be a way to do it, what am I doing wrong ?
  3. Hello everybody, i am having lots of problems with my newly purchased Affinity Designer :( I used the free trial for the last week and really liked AD. Today i purchased the full version on the App Store. Now i can’t use AD anymore. Here are the problems i know of so far: 1. I can’t open any AD files i created with the trial version. Nothing happens if i click on a file. 2. I can create but I can’t save new files. I keep getting this message: "Failed to save document: <Untitled> Save failed because the file path that given was not valid." This happens regardless of the folder i choose to save the file in. 3. AD crashes whenever i try to place a file inside the file (like a scan of a sketch). So, what can i do? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Henry
  4. First time posting, but need to know, have many documents created in Serif Page Publisher and converted to PDF. Affinity accepts these without alterations from what I see. But will it allow me to save changes in PDF format? If not, whilst great functionality, it is not of complete use to me as I create many publications between 100 to 200 pages in PDF format. Will soon want to create publications greater than 200 pages. Will need PDF functionality.
  5. New to Affinity Photo, and so far, what I've seen looks good, then it all comes to an abrupt halt. Trying to do my forum avatar pic, I decide to use my new Serif software to resize my picture. All going good, until I come to "Save As", so that I can save my image as a JPEG. Even this forum doesn't recognise AFphoto files! :huh: Serif - the product is good, but why do I not have the option to save my processed file to what I want? For this example, JPEG would be enough. In the future however, it would nice to be able to convert my images to other file formats - such as DNG etc. How after processing my images - or friends images, as I do sometimes - how do I send them back their image - so that they can open it on their systems? :(
  6. Possibly a rookie move on my part, but I have noticed on a couple of occasions that if I open a file I have been working on, choose the 'Save As' option in the file menu, the newly created file overwrites the original one, rather than duplicating it. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers
  7. I'm new to this and I can't seem to save each layer, so when I want to work on it again, it is there. In Photoshop I would simply save the file as a ".psd" but I don't seem to have that option for this. I'm sure it is a simple answer and would really appreciate anyone that can help me out. Thanks for your time.
  8. Hi team! Why some exports to PDF resulted on a "big white square" on Windows PC? On Mac OS and iOS I can open the file normally but not on Windows PC -> Except if I open the PDF with Chrome on Windows PC! INSULA - Côtés de scène.pdf
  9. I m using the latest Beta. I've had a lot of problems this afternoon. I went to open one of the two designs I made earlier - under Open Recent - and there were 4 versions of one and 8 versions of the other shown there. I opened the top one and worked on it for about half an hour then went to Save and got the message "Cannot save document as cannot verify you are the owner. Document will now close". All my work lost! I opened the original again and this time tried Save As and renamed it. It did not change the open one I was working on, as is normal behaviour, (still called original name) and does not appear in Open Recent (but it is shown in Finder). These are designs I have to show my customer tomorrow but how can I rely on it saving my work properly? I have regrettfully gone back to Sketch for now, I hope you can get this sorted soon, as I like AD but have to be able to rely on it doing the basic Mac stuff.
  10. When I do a Save As... the file name shown at the top of the screen does not change to reflect the new name. Any further saves go to the file with the new name. See attached video. When I close the new file and open it from Finder then the name changes on the screen. Also I have had several files open today, but the Open Recent is only showing the original file name. The new file name is also not shown. Running Beta 27"iMac late 2009 Yosemite 10.10.1 Filename.mov
  11. Please don't adopt the "No Save As" option that Apple implemented in all their apps. It is a real nightmare. The workflow gets really complicated without "Save As" option... Lots of mac users are complaining about it...
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