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  1. I totally agree with the idea of minimalistic or flat design for the interface. In fact, it kind of rests your eyes when you look at a flat interface, instead of having to regulate and adapt your eyes to the depth of an interface in volume. Personally I like the "Photoshop redisign made by Aurélien Salomon on Behance",, and also the new interfaces of Final Cut and Logic which are also great with the new flat design interface. Is it not possible to flatter all the graphic elements which are now in volume, in a first step, before a new interface gets created. And couldn't ask if the
  2. Hello, Apparently there is no rotation option icon available in the toolbar in the Develop Persona The version of Affinity Photo I use is 1.3.5 (in french) Is it a known bug, is there a fix possible ??? Here are some print screen of the problem Thanks in advance Develop Persona.tiff Icones.tiff
  3. Hello, I am wondering how I can draw a form like a shark fin, or a triangle with one concave line and one convex one. And when I try to do so, it doesn't work. I always get two convex lines. With Illustrator, it was easy. To avoid such a thing, you only had to click once on the canevas, and the line was straight afterwards and you could bend them like you want. With Affinity Designer, it seems impossible to do so. I tried everything. I red the user guide and I can't find any explanations. Could someone tell me how to do what I want to do, otherwise this app has no use for me... I w
  4. Hi, In the development and the photo personas, there are adjustments missing like "Saturation" for example. I think also that you should group some adjustments like for example : Brightness / Contrast, Shadow / Highlights, Black point, exposure, etc., because they all have to do with light and they need to be together in a group. Same thing with saturation and vibrance, they belong together. I personally don't like the thumbnails for the adjustments you have in the "Photo Persona" mode. The thumbnails are probably the reason why you split all the adjustments. To me, it makes the interface way
  5. When can we expect the other Affinity products like Digital Photo Editing for example ? Because I stopped my Adobe CC subscription, I would be very happy to be able to use Affinity's tools. So far what is saw by experiencing Affinity Designer, I am amazed to see how powerful it is. I made a little test with Pixelmator's selection tool and with Affinity Designer's (which is not made for pictures). It was a big picture of 500 mb. Affinity Designer showed no problem and Pixelmator showed the colored spinning wheel. Pixelmator is on the Mac App Store since more than 3 years now and it is still not
  6. Please don't adopt the "No Save As" option that Apple implemented in all their apps. It is a real nightmare. The workflow gets really complicated without "Save As" option... Lots of mac users are complaining about it...
  7. Hello, I am Laurent. I am looking for an Adobe alternative and i think this is it... Please continue to develop such great apps. I am waiting for your digital photo editing app and all the other great stuff you gonna develop... :D
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