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  1. ShagStudio

    Built in templates

    And add mockup for stationery / UI / Web... as a template... Like Pages, Keynote or iStudio Publisher http://www.istudiopublisher.com/templates/
  2. ShagStudio

    Export to PDF

    Thank you for your help.. It seems to work. -jo
  3. ShagStudio

    Export to PDF

    I need help please
  4. ShagStudio

    Export to PDF

    This is the original file... Thanks for your help! Côtés de scène.afdesign
  5. ShagStudio

    Export to PDF

    Hi, I try to send the original file but I don't know how :) (I try with my media and drag and drop...) file:///Users/JonathanShargary/Desktop/Côtés%20de%20scène.afdesign
  6. ShagStudio

    Export to PDF

    This causes me a lot of problems with my clients ... Unfortunately I'll have to give up AFFINITY DESIGNER :(
  7. Hi team! Why some exports to PDF resulted on a "big white square" on Windows PC? On Mac OS and iOS I can open the file normally but not on Windows PC -> Except if I open the PDF with Chrome on Windows PC! INSULA - Côtés de scène.pdf

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