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  1. expressivemedia

    Built in templates

    Hi there, firstly, affinity Designer is simply amazing!! I do apologise for this question if it has already been answered, I did have a look through the pages and never saw it. I want to know if Affinity designer would ever have pre built in design templates for UI and Icon Design? I create a lot of iOS and Android icons and design user interfaces for mobile apps also, it would be super cool if Affinity had a preset iOS, Mac OS and Android icon template as well as standardised UI frameworks built in to speed up my design process. If this is not a feature to be considered, is it possible for me to create these frameworks myself and have them stored ready to use when I need them? Thanks
  2. expressivemedia

    First bit of branding in Affinity

    Great job David! I really love the booth as well!
  3. expressivemedia

    Blue Bunny

    Amazing work!