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  1. I can not open RAW files from my Panasonic GH6 camera. See attached file. This is not due to any issues with memory cards, computers, operating systems, or the camera. Here is the reply from Panasonic. Will you be providing support for RAW photo files from the Panasonic GH6 camera soon? Thank you. Dear Mr. Steven Cleghorn, I hope this email finds you well. In regards to your query and following further investigation on your case, we would like to advise you that the reported issue is not a fault with the unit as the supplied/compatible software recommend by Panasonic works and that means that the unit is functioning within its specifications. That being said, you may contact the Adobe affinity team for support and help regarding this to confirm if the camera is compatible or not as we are not able to guarantee the functionality since it is a third party software. I trust that the above information will be of assistance to you, however, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Eva Panasonic Customer Care Team
  2. Hey is there any possibilty to synchronize the development of raw files or copy the last adjustment to the next file? Best r.
  3. I have a problem opening RAW files direct, I've tried Sony ARW raw files from my A7iii and Canon CR2 files from my 6D. Affinity Photo crashes immediately after displaying the embedded jpg preview file. I'm running version on Windows 10 v1909. I don't usually open raw files direct as I usually round trip TIFFs from Capture One. If I open the same RAW files using the "Open in Affinity Photo" option in Capture One the RAW opens correctly without crashing. Similarly using the right click "Open with" menu in Explorer opens the RAW without crash. The problem seems to only happen if the file is opened directly from the File - Open menu in AP. Is this a know problem and is there a fix or work around for it?
  4. When Affinity ON iMac Reads a File Produced be Topaz Denoise AI 2 Saved as DNG.Photos are Tinted This Does not happen in Photo Shop Camera RAW. Files Open in Affinity Photo After DenoiseAI Saves as DNG are Tinted as Magenta. _MG_4196-denoise2AutoSettings.dng
  5. For the photo of 14bits Raw format, it enters directly to Development persona when I open it and displays RGBA/32(HDR), which can be adjusted for exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.. Then I click the button to enter Photo Persona, it becomes RGBA/16. I can also make some adjustments in the studios. If I come back to the Photo Persona again, the picture is RGBA/16. So, I have some questions: 1. Will the photo quality be reduced When entering into Photo Persona from Development persona? 2. Is there any difference between adjusting in Development persona and Photo Persona? 3. What workflow should I use when processing raw photos?
  6. Updating from version 1.7 to 1.8 has made all of my NEF generated by Nikon z6 files unreadable.. anybody with the same problem?
  7. I shot some pictures on my Canon 90D using RAW and JPEG. When I try to import the RAW files they are not seen. Designer and Photo can only see the JPEG photos. What's up? I have a PC and a Mac. Both are running Affinity Designer and Photo. I have not tried yet with the Mac because most of my work is done on the PC and I don't like interrupting the work flow. I have Windows 10 Pro, Nvidia 1080Ti, and 32 gigs of ram. I understand that the Mac should see them because it uses Metal to handle to files. Is that true? and before you say, " turn on the Mac and find out." I'm currently charging the keyboard and am too impatient to wait. Thanks to all.
  8. According to the list referenced by Affinity the Phase One IQ1 100MP and Phase One IQ3 100mp are both listed as supported RAW formats. Apple iOS supported RAW cameras. In Affinity Photos for iPad the IQ3 100MP files will open properly and without error. Unfortunately the IQ1 100MP files will not open. I receive the following error when opening files from the IQ1 100MP camera: "/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/6EDABF1A-11DE-4215-93DD-92FE1D-B057CO/tmp/loading.iiq This file type is not supported" I can provide sample files from both cameras for reference if requested.
  9. Hi, Can anyone help me find the best way to merge three (bracketed) raw files without using the automatic hdr process. I would simply like to use my own masking process to create the result. Must I process the raw files first then load tifs into a stack? Or is there another way?
  10. I'm new to affinity and I'm struggling with the most basic of tasks. When I send multiple images into affinity photo from On1 photo RAW 2019, the first image will open on the screen and also display in the layers panel, the other files are there along the top of the screen but closed. How to I open all these files as layers in the same stack?
  11. When I open raw files from Nikon capture NX-D into affinity photo, the files are darker as compared to ones in capture NX-D meaning exposure down by almost 1-2 stops. Does any one knows what is the reason behind it and how one can fix this issue. Thanks
  12. I bought Affinity Photo in December as an additional external editor for Lightroom (alongside Elements 2018 XXL). I have used it a few times so far and found it helpful for certain processes on TIFF files. However, I noticed recently that all of my RAW files (nearly 50,000) had mysteriously been converted from Nikon format to Affinity Photo files. I did not see this as significant until I started to have problems with Lightroom (versions 5 and 6 with slightly different catalogues in each). I did not realise the cause of the Lightroom problems at first. After Lightroom 5 crashed completely I reinstalled it and deleted the previews. It now works up to a point but cannot read the RAW files. Lightroom 6, also reinstalled, is stuck in a mode of partial reading of the RAW files, but cannot read them properly. I have no idea how Affinity took over all my RAWs but I would like to know how to recover them, i.e. convert them back to their original format.
  13. Hi there! I am very new in affinity photo and i want to ask you and help me, how can i open many raw file in affinity photo without overload the system. I tried with these steps: open>(i chose 6 raw files) and my system overloaded and the program can't do anything. It took me to develop persona and the program was really slow. What can i do?
  14. Im currently working on and iMac with 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 12 GB of Ram, Mountain Lion. Loading, developing and editing Raw files seems to take longer it should. Is there a way to smooth out the process with ram usage in the preference menu? I tried messing around with it but no result, Tone mapping and HDR seems to be a really slow process as well
  15. Hello everyone. So im new to this program and loving it so far. But what im not understanding is why are saved files so large? Im working on a simply raw file edit of a portrait I took. Only 1 adjustment layer and I did frequency separation. Saved the file as both psd and afphoto, some how both files are about 400Mb. Is there a fix to this?
  16. First of all I think Affinity Photo for iPad is a great tool and one of a kind in the sense there's nothing that gets even close in App Store to the features you guys are providing. However I'm not entirely satisfied with the process how it works today. I understand this issue is partly because of Apple limitations on iPad platform but maybe there's something that could be improved on Affinity Photo side also and hence this feature request. As a photographer and traveler I want to travel light but still want to be able to process my RAW images and generate JPG export files easily. 1. I go on a site and take pictures with my DSLR and later import the photos to my iPad pro using Apple camera connection kit. (Ideally I would like to import directly to files or Affinity photo) 2. Once the photos are in iPad I would like to create a project with all of the imported RAW files without individually locating and adding them one by one. Could be something like import all photos from album "Last import" 3. I will do the edits to all the files I find are worth keeping and removing bad shots 4. I would like to batch export all RAW files to photos app (or files app) as JPG files
  17. When I create a macro of my own, and apply it to a camera raw file that I've opened and developed, it works fine. However, when I try to apply that macro, or any macro for that matter in a batch process, it over exposes the file to an unusable point. Even simply batch processing a raw file to a TIFF or any other kind of file, without a macro, over exposes the photo. It seems as though the photos need to be developed, then batch processed...? Is this true and how can I process my raw files like he does in the videos?
  18. I am using a 2012 MacBookPro with OS X 10.8.5 I do not want to update my OS as I am then forced to use Adobe Cloud LR and PS, which I do not want to do. I am trying to move away from LR6 and CS6 and am working more and more on AP. My one challenge with AP 1.5.2 is that my Fujifilm (RAF) and Canon (CR2) RAW files load very slowly in AP. It takes approximately 35 seconds to open a RAF file, and a further 15 seconds to get it into the Develop Persona. A RAW file opens in about 15 seconds and another 5 seconds for Develop Persona. The CR2 file opens immediately in CS6, so it cannot be the Macbook. I cannot open the RAF file in SC6 as my version of SC6 do not recognise the RAF files. Any suggestions to help speed up the process will be very helpful and will be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hello! I would like to know how I can upload the camera profile ( Olympus OM-D EM-1 or Olympus Pen F) for the raw files development. Thank you!
  20. I downloaded Affinity windows yesterday. Unfortunately I can't see my RAW files properly. I'm only seeing a heavily distorted photo, stripes from left to right. Any idea how it can be fixed.
  21. Yesterday I downloaded Affinity. Unfortunetly I can't see RAW files properly, I am only seeing a heavily distorted picture. Files are from Canon 5d mkii, os Windows 10. How can it be fixed?
  22. Dear Affinity People, I'm not proficient in using your software- yet. But I can't get Affinity Photo Beta to get the tonal gradations easily achieved in PhotoNinja. I tried replicating in Affinity what I can easily achieve in 1 minute in PN. See the attached files. I'm sure there is functionality in AP that can soften the highlights, and reveal detail better than I've done- but after almost 5 minutes of trying, I gave up. In the attached files I couldn't adjust the highlights to get even close to those in the PN example- and the purple fringing along the back of the man's shirt has got to go. I'm sure you'll get there eventually, but I hope sooner rather than later. Fuji has very difficult RAW files to get right. I love AP, and hope that soon I can make it my program of choice for my X-T1 and A-E1. Thanks! Dex
  23. Hi, New to Photo. Just downloaded it, actually. Could you tell me how or if editing with Affinity's Photo editor does anything to the metadata with a RAW photo file? My plan is to try your software out with a copy of a Lightroom image, once I check out your tutorials some more. zBefore using my images I need to know if and how the editor tracks image modifications to RAW images and other types of images so I can figure out how to best manage my files. I did not find any information about media management on your tutorials. I assume that is because there is nothing being done in that regard. Thanks. Henry
  24. I'd like to to know if Affinity accepts the raw files- X3F- from a Sigma Quattro dp2. I'm especially interested in local adjustments. If not, do you have plans to include it in your list of raw files anytime in the near or not so distant future ? Thanks
  25. Hi again, I'm not sure if this is just an issue with raw files from certain cameras but here's what I'd like to offer as a feedback regarding the develop persona as it is at the moment (my raw files are from a Canon 450D, my test file is rather 3 stops underexposed, my comparison to other raw converters is capture one and adobe camera raw): - as mentioned in previous posts raw files are already adjusted when opened with affinity photo. I think this might be a good thing when the settings of the adjustment would be visible in the specific categories of the develop persona, but as it is, the sliders are all in neutral. Also, it would be good to have the option to switch the auto adjustment on and off. - especially compared to capture one, but also compared to camera raw, the development of underexposed images contain much more noise (color noise that is) when being exposed to similar levels, and that in the end costs a lot of detail when being removed by the denoise tools - exposure control is lacking subtle steps in adjusting the exposure, - I'd love to have the option of double clicking on the sliders to go back to the original setting That's it for now, all the best to you guys and keep up the good work!! PS: I'd like to add that when I open the jpeg of the same underexposed image and use the Exposure adjustment layer the image quality is much better, much less noisy and comparable to what the exposure in Photoshop has to offer
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