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  1. Dear Alfred Many thanks for your prompt response. I greatly appreciate it. I can only find the full version of Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on the Apple Store at a cost of R722 (South African currency). Can you please direct me to where I can find the upgrade version? Many thanks and kind regards Anton
  2. I downloaded version 1.7.1 of Affinity Photo from the Affinity website and it now requires my product key which I do not know where to get. I was on v 1.6.7 and just wanted to upgrade to 1.7.1 My previous version has been overwritten and I cannot open 1.7.1 without my product key. I believe my mistake was to download the full version instead of the upgrade. I could not find a link to the upgrade. How do I now restore my version 1.6.7 and where to I find a link to v1.7.1? I am in trouble as I cannot open Affinity Photo at all!!!
  3. Hi Zoli642 I managed to get mine working. I do not understand why you have to pay for the Nik software as I am under the impression it is free.
  4. Dear Meb Many thanks for your prompt and informative response. Kind regards Anton
  5. Hi Meb I managed to download the freebees and installed them. Thank for your help in getting AP to work again. Just one last observation. RAF files take a very long time to load. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Many thanks Anton
  6. Many thanks, Meb, it seems to be fine now but I do not see the free goodies. Can you help me with that please? Many thanks Anton
  7. I have just updated to 1.6.6 on my Macbook Pro, Sierra 10.12.6 and AP does not load properly. I have rebooted my system after updating but it takes a long time to get beyond the first screen. I click on Preferences to install Nik again as I lost it after the upgrade, but the Preference window does not appear. I tried to open a file but the file will not open. The first image is the screen I get after the initial Affinity Logo screen opens after about a minute. The second image is the preferences window that will not open. The third image is after I tried to open a file, it does not open the file and then just gives me the possibility to open a "Recent" image. I went back to AP and this is the window I got, fourth image, and I cannot remove the AP logo I had non of these issues with AP 1.5 It is frustrating, and I would appreciate any assistance please. Many thanks
  8. I use a Macbook Pro mid 2016 running Mountain Lion (10.8.5) Two questions please 1 Will Affinity Photo 1.5.2 (updated from a earlier version which I purchased online) run on SIERRA? 2 I created a separate partition on my hard drive onto which I installed SIERRA. For me to check how well AP will run on SIERRA, I have to install AP1.5.2 on the SIERRA partition. Can this be done without having to purchase 1.5.2 again? Please consider that I bought an earlier version and upgraded to 1.5.2 Many thanks
  9. I have just upgraded my MacbookPro from Mountain Lion (10.8.5) to Sierra. Affinity Photo 1.5.2 does not appear in the list of applications and has disappeared. Can anybody please help me? Many thanks
  10. To both JFisher and MEB, Many thanks for your prompt responses, I sincerely hope that you achieve great success with Affinity Photo as I am sure many people want to migrate from Adobe to something more acceptable than the rental model, I definitely want to. Some of my main requirements are to process multiple images at the same time as I can do in Lightroom, just save and paste the setting made to an image to one or more images with two clicks. I also am not yet totally convinced that in general the RAW processing in AP is up to the standard of LR and PS, I may be wrong I am using AP more and more so hopefully one day I can move all my processing to AP. Kind regards
  11. Hi Jfisfer I have sent the RAF file via Dropbox to you. This particular file took 26 seconds to load on Affinity 1.5.2 I will greatly appreciate any assistance. Kind regards Anton
  12. Dear MEB I rebooted my system and opened Affinity again, and presto, the NIX plugins are working for both Canon and Fujifilm RAW files!! Many thanks
  13. Dear MEB I refer to your response below. I tried to use the Nix plugins this afternoon but they are greyed out under Filters, Plugins, NIX collection. I see the plugins but cannot access them. I checked the Preference settings as per your response hereunder and Authorise Global is greyed out, so I assume that setting is correct. Any further guidance as to how I can get the NIX plugins to work please? Many thanks. P/S the plugins did work after I adjusted the settings as per your post hereunder, but strangely they are not working now.
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