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  1. Yup. Just checked out your macro. Works as expected. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a go. But as I say, I was only trying out macros & it seems that for such a quick procedure running a macro is probably no quicker than doing it manually.
  3. I realise that DPI can be difficult to get to grips with but my method works for printing at a bureau. A test: I scan a photo at 1600DPI (to increase the pixel dimensions), bring it in to AP & change just the DPI to 300 & save it. I then send both photos to the bureau (photo 1 at 1600DPI & photo 2 at 300DPI - pixel ) & chose a print size of say 12" x 8". The bureau informs me that photo 1 will be a better quality print than photo 2. However, I've always understood that 300 - 400DPI is best for printing so that's why I change it. So if I wanted an extra large print I would scan the photo at a higher DPI. The above is probably all wrong & I welcome being corrected & educated.
  4. As I said, I was just trying macros out & picked a very simple procedure to record. For such basic stuff it's probably no quicker to run the macro than to do the whole thing manually. But yeah, excellent software, can't complain. Thanks
  5. Oh well, first foray into Photo macros - Result: Fail
  6. Well, I did expect it to work regardless of the image dimensions.
  7. firstdefence - What are you saying? With Resample unchecked it wouldn't/doesn't change the pixel size but it does change the DPI.
  8. Original Document size was 5665 x 3423 DPI 1000 & was the same when I recorded the macro. It only changed after running the macro.
  9. Yes. It changes the DPI but not the pixel size.
  10. I recently watched the tutorial video on macros. I hadn't used them before so I gave it a go. I tend to specialize in restoring vintage photos & one of my regular procedures in Photo is to reduce the DPI to 300 without changing the pixel size of the photo. This is required because when scanning old photos I often set the scan DPI to 800 or a 1000 in order to enlarge the photo. So the procedure is as follows: Select Document/Resize Document, untick Resample, change DPI TO 300, click Resize. I recorded this as a macro but surprisingly found that it changed both the DPI and the pixel size. Original Document size is 5665 x 3423 DPI 1000 Running the macro resulted in a pixel size of 4960 x 2965 DPI 300 Why is this? Where have I gone wrong?
  11. Panoramas take a hell of a while, especially the rendering which often causes 'not responding' for several minutes. Pasting a second image onto a first, and oddly, resizing often causes a problem. However, the files in question are in the region of 25 to 30Mb. I just wondered if there were any recommendations.
  12. Hi Are there any recommendations on Preferences/Performance/RAM usage limit in relation to onboard RAM? I seem to be getting numerous 'Affinity not responding' when dealing with larger files which is very frustrating when it can take 3 or 4 minutes to finally respond.
  13. OK, thanks. I asked because I like to have a rough idea of what's going on.
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