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  1. Thanks to everyone. Taking out every panel one by one and putting it back one at a time, worked and the length was back to previous size.
  2. Tried the above options but didn't worked out. Its not only the layers panel but the whole area under adjustments, layers, effects, styles, stock and then overlay and opacity. That area is reduced to a small size so that when I am working on layers, the width of the area is such that only one layer is visible at a time. The area under navigator, history, channels, info has extended upwards all the way and has become almost double in size reducing the box showing layers info.
  3. I downloaded the latest version of affinity photo and since then the layer panel, where you see different layers has shrunk to such a small size that only one layer palette is visible while working( referring to area under opacity and overlay where different layers are visible). I tried to expand it with a cursor by dragging downwards but no luck. The area under navigator, history, channels, info has extended upwards all the way and has become almost double in size. Any ideas how to fix it to normal working pattern.
  4. @Guzzi , Yes those tutorials are in English but there is a way to get them recorded and written by voice command and translate that online. It is a small headache but will help to learn by doing some reading and then watching video. Also, Alfred and v_kyr have suggested alternatives too.
  5. That's exactly what I have been doing. Use a separate raw converter for raw files and affinity for later use but what has surprised me is that even after 2 years being mentioned on the forum, the problem still exists.
  6. these are all the replies from the other thread in the forum.
  7. I have come across another thread with same reason, started in February 2017 under title, "RAW IMAGES OPEN TOO DARK". which shows its an ongoing issues which needs to be fixed due to some bug in develop persona. It has nothing to do with any in-camera adjustments applied by view NX-I or capture NX-D.
  8. I have come across same issue and when posted about it in the forum just few weeks ago, I was told by affinity moderator that it could be due to some in-camera settings applied to raw image by View-NXi or Capture NX-D but after reading this thread by so many users, it seems like the issue is with the develop persona and it needs to be fixed by them. This thread was started in the start of the year 2017 so almost after 2 years, same issue is going on.
  9. You're welcome. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and the time and effort you are taking to teach us. Your videos serve as a great source to learn about photo editing and the quality of content is best among all the tutorials I have come across. And it's good to know that I can find you here too
  10. I have posted the link in main post and reply also. If you type inaffinity in youtube search bar, you will get to the channel too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnLUmyPHr2rayOHVHWsHVw/videos
  11. I have come across a you tube channel named "InAffinity" which covers free tutorials for affinity photo. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOnLUmyPHr2rayOHVHWsHVw/videos What makes this channel unique from others is that the information is provided at moderate pace with logical and scientific reason behind each step. The moderator is to the point and explains every thing in easy to understand language. I thought I should share it with everyone and hopefully you will enjoy learning from these tutorials. If you also know about some thing similar, please share it in the forum. Thanks
  12. I know it's not a bug but I thought may be I need to adjust something in preferences/settings. I will wait until version 1.7 is fully operational. no rush but thanks for letting me know that version 7 is coming. One more question. I saw video for epic sky lift in tutorials and when inquired about the af macro in forums , I came to know that the offer has expired. Is it available for purchase from anywhere, which is compatible with affinity photo or will it be available again in future?
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