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  1. I have replay AI & Photoshop with Designer & Photo, I really love them. Only it can‘t display Chinese Names of Chinese fonts, and all fonts are mixed up. I can't find them easily. It displays Bopomofo (maybe English name), actually it's very hard to match bopomofo with Chinese name. So what can I do? Thanks.
  2. For the photo of 14bits Raw format, it enters directly to Development persona when I open it and displays RGBA/32(HDR), which can be adjusted for exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.. Then I click the button to enter Photo Persona, it becomes RGBA/16. I can also make some adjustments in the studios. If I come back to the Photo Persona again, the picture is RGBA/16. So, I have some questions: 1. Will the photo quality be reduced When entering into Photo Persona from Development persona? 2. Is there any difference between adjusting in Development persona and Photo Persona? 3. What workflow should I use when processing raw photos?
  3. It helps a lot. Especially about how to choose the color space when the photos are used for printing, it completely relieves my doubts and is really very helpful. Thank you.
  4. I don't know much about color management, so I always find photo colors are not accurate when processing them. My monitor is not wide-gamut. Colorspace of my camera RAW file can be set to sRGB or Adobe RGB. Which one should I choose? Photos are mainly used for web, but I occasionally pick some of them for printing. 1. When the raw file is sRGB, how should I set the default value of color option in Affinity Photo, and the exporting option when exporting a jpg for web, or exporting other format for printing? 2. When the raw file is Adobe RGB, then how should I set them? Thank you.
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