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  1. New to AD, so that's good info. Going to deep dive into Designer... So, thanks.
  2. Alfred, Thank you for pointing it out! So that's still for AP, then? Already have them captured for AP. I believe that I can upload all this to my iCloud Drive to move into AP for iPad and maybe they also have uses in AD similarly. As you say, perhaps they can be used for AD in some ways. FYI, there were also macro packs for AP versions 1.5 & 1.6 (Distortions, Image Styles, Light Leaks) as noted elsewhere in this topic. Yeah!!! I found the epic skies overlays with that in my AP macros, along with the "dirk-wustenhagen-fine-art-texture-collection". I have uses for those in AP. What do you think?
  3. Actually, this... I think to get the pack(s) you need to do it on the iOS app which is where the bonus offer lives. Still not sure where to download it. They don't make it easy...
  4. Apparently not any longer... I saw something when AD was launched, as someone else said, here on this topic. I thought it was still available, but on the current page didn't find anything. Idid you find somewhere else to look? They did drop the price to $14
  5. Thanks, will look into using the overlays manually. The same issue occurs for me. Also sent a request to the dev. Sent a note about a version of epic skies for purchase and use directly in AP. Don't know if the effort will be worthwhile except for a learning experience as I don't have a license to use them as of now. They are certainly dramatic and would add something to an otherwise bland sky. Making the captured sky in a pic more dramatic in an overlay effect might be handy, though.
  6. Where and how do I register my recent purchase(s) of Affinity Designer for Mac and iPad? Where do I download the free stuff advertised with iPad version of AD? I currently have a user account with you so I'd like to register those purchases on my account.
  7. Unfortunately, there is no movement at Affinity to provide a DAM product in over two years. As to DAM software there are several that I've investigated, FYI. The gamut of combo products is slowly diminishing. Of the combo to Photo and Video software types that offer ingest, file management, basic and middling advanced processing, output still and video aspects there are: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (the elephant in the room, IMO). Photo Supreme (latest 30 day trial) is way less about processing and much more on the DAM side (by the consensus of users with an opinion). They offer plug-in which allow functionality of the editing/processing via other apps directly from within the program. May be better than nothing. Check their forums. Capture One. If you have a specific camera (notably Sony still equipment) there may be a discounted version of this product for you. The app limits the use of certain other types of camera products so not to compete with their own camera products. Don't know about you but I find this practice horrible.
  8. Here's what I was thinking: Copy the images (whether edited in Photos, RAW, or otherwise unmodified) into the DAM. Use a common format - JPG, PS, afphoto. Likewise copy edited versions of AP images, cross reference them by name of file, metadata, etc. Manage the assets (files) from that moment on to and fro among all the editing apps used (and allow any apps that accept images. Eventually expand to movies, PDF's, docs with pictures. Similar to the promises of someone else's app, Bridge, but in a better more useful way, E.G., Lightroom-like. Establish linking. Opening up apps of choice for editing, copying from them, updated them to the master photo files via keywords, titles, select levels, captioning them and the like. Are we listening Affinity??
  9. So you mean except by using the app to do it, right. So to manage your assets, it'll need to be via export to a D.A.M. tool in another program. And same is true though to a lesser degree using Lightroom, and AP. The file names as they are need to be managed by a separate program and kept in some order using a SCHEME FOR THAT PROGRAM that is Finder based and can be tracked and searched by meta-data, has thumbnails for viewing and data search tools. Then you'll have a good library and a way to efficiently use it for your work flow.
  10. Seems like a good reason to have some form of DAM (Digital Asset Management) to allow editing in AP, access in other apps, storage elsewhere, etc.
  11. Techworks Pro

    Add Free Macro Pack to Affinity? How?

    Thanks, Patrick. I reset the preference to show the splash screen first. Forgot to mention that part.
  12. Techworks Pro

    Add Free Macro Pack to Affinity? How?

    I updated from (v 1.5.x) through the MAS (Mac Apple Store). According to the web site, I should also get a free pack, but there is no information. Is there an uninstaller that I need to run to get rid of old versions so as to get the complete new version and pack? The instructions are very much non-existent and unclear. I do not get a splash screen when I open the new version. I finally got how to reset the splash screen to open up when starting the app. Then download offer shows up. Then create account page, to set up / register. Then, the download splash screen. Then the downloads. Sheesh. Could have been so much easier with one line added to the promo email!!
  13. Have the same issue... Installed just fine, but no welcome screen. Mine is an update from AppStore and is supposed to be included in your offer. The Welcome screen doesn't load because of this. Is there a way to get the welcome screen to load?? Perhaps a preference which needs to be reset/deleted? A little more information would be helpful. Anyone to call or chat with???
  14. Nothin' on Media Browser, it spins and spins with no selection or data ever showing up. Nothing in the menu (Views>Views...) to set up multiple views (e.g., work with second display). Does beta software supporting these functions exist? Cn I get it?