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  1. Are there plans to allow 3rd party app developers such as lumenzia or TK actions to produce plugins for Affinity photo?
  2. Is there a reflective gradient tool in Affinity photo, or can you suggest a way of creating a similar effect?
  3. Ok, thanks for all your help so far. So are things as good as can be expected for the time being? Until recently i've been loving Affinity and hope to become a long term user. Are these bugs due to be resolved in the near future? Any word on when the DAM is likely to be released, is it intended to be a lightroom alternative or simply a file management system? I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that you have a potentially massive customer base in the photography community!
  4. Hi, having double checked i've followed your instructions correctly, i can confirm that when metal acceleration is turned off there is red showing with the clipped highlight button on. There is also red showing with the metal acceleration turned off and RAW output set to RGB 32 bit HDR. (which setting do you recommend?) When the settings are as per the latter, the pixelated effect i mentioned has stopped, when i make an adjustment the adjustment happens with no lag. My RAW file is from an Nikon D7200. Whilst Affinity photo is superb software offering excellent value for money, a
  5. Hi, yes i also tried it with metal compute acceleration turned off, again not much difference. I don't think i mentioned to you that the performance has also slowed down greatly. When making any kind of adjustment in the develop persona there is a 'pixelated' effect on the screen as the adjustment takes place, this was normal for affinity up until 1.7.1 was released but. Also, for reference i've put the same RAW file into lightroom and there is no problem.
  6. Hi, yes with metal compute acceleration turned on and RAW output at 32 bit the red highlight clipping does show.
  7. Hi and thanks for your response. I do have the 'show clipped highlights' button turned on, I was in contact with someone at Affinity called Gareth last week who advised me to uncheck the 'enable metal compute acceleration' so this has already been done and made no difference. I As requested i've attached a screen shot with my mac specs. I hope you are able to help me resolve this as Affinity is currently unusable to me. This issue has been a problem on many of my RAW files lately, i think since the update to 1.7.2 as i was nothing but impressed with the 1.7.1 release.
  8. Since the update to 1.7.2 i've had problems with RAW editing in the develop persona. The slightest movement of most of the sliders will cause parts of the file info to disappear and the chequered canvas underneath to become visible. Highlights in particular blow out easily, even on under exposed images. In addition to this the performance seems to have regressed to pre 1.7. By this i mean when i make an adjustment, say the exposure slider, there is a pixelated appearance on the screen as the adjustment is made. This was a feature of Affinity up until 1.7.1. I have reported this to Affinity and
  9. I'm new to affinity and I'm struggling with the most basic of tasks. When I send multiple images into affinity photo from On1 photo RAW 2019, the first image will open on the screen and also display in the layers panel, the other files are there along the top of the screen but closed. How to I open all these files as layers in the same stack?
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