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  1. Was using Photo 1.9.1. Tried to open a .PDF file via "Open with ..." from Windows Explorer. In the dialog box, I changed from 300dpi to 192dpi, and changed the color space to Greyscale. Photo 1.9.1 would crash - it never opened the file and the UI simply disappeared. I then upgraded to v1.92 and opened the file from within the app using File/Open, and left the settings as they were in the original file. The file opened, I was able to add the content necessary and export it again. I then closed Photo, returned to Windows Explorer and repeated the exact steps described above to see if
  2. I just meant that since all frames were shot on the same roll, they will require the same initial corrections to get to a common positive image. If at some point I want to tweak that macro for a slightly different workflow (i.e.: digitize Kodacolor instead of Vericolor, so I have to adjust the mask color), it would be nice to be able to directly edit the color settings for the mask color instead of having to delete the macro step and then recreate it from scratch.
  3. Well ... I need to create a fill layer of a specific color. If I can accomplish that by choosing the color first and then adding the layer then that works. I just tested and it does indeed work. I was able to create a macro to manage this workflow and apply it to two other images. I need to tweak it, but it does work. Now the issue is how to edit things like the number, and position of curve adjustment points. In this workflow every image is exposed on the same film stock and under similar conditions, so the same adjustments should be applicable. Being able to change all the settings
  4. Semi-longtime Affinity user here, continually frustrated that it is half done. You guys really need to start charging maintenance (or release a paid 2.0, then 3.0, etc. yearly or at least every 18 months or so) so you can afford to hire more people to improve your products faster. Your prices are very reasonable; there is no reason you should not be getting $60/year instead of $60 every 3 - or 4 - or ... 5 now? years. You're giving your software away and leaving a LOT of money on the table. Sorry for that mini-rant. I'm trying to use Affinity to digitize a thousands of negatives from my c
  5. Are you still relying on LensFun for lens profiles? I'd like to see more Nikkor Z lenses supported. So far all I see in Affinity Photo - including 1.90 - is the Nikkor Z 24-70 f/4. How can I contribute to the effort to get more lenses supported?
  6. Just installed 1.9 and so far looks good. Nikon RAW images appear to take longer to load than before, but maybe that's my own impatience. Using a Z7 so the files are around 50MP. Hardware acceleration looks brilliant. I have an NVidia GForce 1050 and I see massive increases in performance. Before it was many seconds and now it's instant. I don't see my camera or its presets supported in RAW editing, nor the brilliant Nikkor Z 14-30 f/4. I've requested that lens be added - months ago - in the open-source lens profiler you use. When are you going to add it? It's been on the marke
  7. Closing the loop ... I did try Lagarto's technique. Unfortunately there wasn't as much space as I hoped at the top of the image, and there was none available at the bottom. I only had a tiny area to select, and needed to stretch that selection about 3x to fill in to 5x7. The good thing is this is a portrait session of my family and it's convenient to reshoot. And it's a nice weekend. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. I see I didn’t say that is not possible. It is a family portrait and if I crop like that I’ll chop off some ears. It’s my daughter’s family and the intended recipient isn’t picky so what I want to do is plausible for this image. The 4x5 aspect is from bottom to top of the uncropped frame. It is not possible to crop further unless I crop into the subjects.
  9. You really want to know the percentage of the area below and above that needs to be stretched to get to 5x7 format from 4x5. The image itself is 46MP and I only need to crop the right and left sides to turn it vertical. I need to add maybe 10% to the top and bottom.
  10. I have a great photo that is horizontal. I need it 5x7 vertical. I can crop it to fit 4x5 vertical. There is grounded below and tree branches above ... is there a feature I can use to stretch just the top and bottom to make it fit 5x7? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just “plausible.” Thanks.
  11. I have a great photo that is horizontal. I need it 5x7 vertical. I can crop it to fit 4x5 vertical. There is grounded below and tree branches above ... is there a feature I can use to stretch just the top and bottom to make it fit 5x7? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just “plausible.” I did read this thread: Is that what I’m looking for? Thanks.
  12. I haven’t reproduced it, no. I had been using the application for quite awhile when it happened ... I did discover that simply clicking the toolbar next to the slider closes the slider.
  13. My suggestion for wording: 'Our current policy for so-called "dot-release" updates, i.e.: for any 1.x to 1.y update, is that there is no charge for these updates for purchasers of the underlying major version. 'New-purchase and upgrade pricing for major version upgrades, i.e. from version 1.x to version 2.x, will be announced at the time of each major version's introduction. 'Serif reserves the right to change their pricing policies, including whether or not to charge either for dot-release or major-version upgrades, at any time.' This wording is clear and unambiguous.
  14. Turns out the other image shot at the same focal length is too overexposed as well, so is not as clear. I tried various ways to get better clarity but by the time the moon gets down to actual size it is only about 100 pixels wide - not wide enough to provide much detail.
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