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  1. Is there a way in Affinity Designer to print a canvas that is larger than the paper it is being printed on? For example, if I have a 16"x20" canvas, I want to print it across 4 sheets of 8.5"x11" paper. This is something I do all the time in Illustrator, and need to be able to do it in Affinity Designer for it to be a viable replacement for Illustrator.
  2. I've been using Affinity nearly daily since designer was still in beta, and there is only one crucial thing I'm missing. We print using an industrial UV printer that utilizes spot white ink, and in the past (with adobe photoshop) I needed to create a new channel called 'spot white' and export the document as a PDF document. Then the rip software would recognize this 'spot white' channel and know to print white where indicated. As of now, I'm still exporting from designer or photo and then adding the white with photoshop. It's a very tedious process that loses me several hours a week. I've tried many times to achieve the same results from affinity designer and affinity photo with spot colors or attempting to add a new channel. Am I missing something, or is this simply a feature that affinity software isn't capable of at the moment?
  3. Hi, can anybody tell me why there is no preset for printing 11x14? i just got the trial today, like the format, but can't find much on the help topic for printing sizes.
  4. I've designed an interface for an arcade game controller using Designer, but the layout is bigger than my printer can print. So I thought I'd just print out each page and tape it together--but I can't get it to print using per-page margins. Is there any way to have the app print out each page using separate pages, so that there's a bleed between pages? Otherwise the parts of the design that fall into the margins between pages doesn't get printed.
  5. Hello. first of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany. I'm testing the Beta from the affinity Designer. I started a new document in 4x6 Inches, and as i wanted to print it on a paper with the same size, it didn't worked. It always changed the printing size of the paper in A4 Format. Hope you can fix this. If this is not the right place for Posts like this, please tell me where i can tell my Problems with the Beta. Thanks so far. Regards, Manuel
  6. Hi, I'm new to Affinity, having downloaded the beta over the weekend. Everything worked well, was able to remove some unwanted objects from a photo etc, then needed to print 6"x4" photopaper to a Canon MG5550. The initial problem was that 6x4 doesn't appear as an option in the output layouts. I tried A6 which apparently is 'close', but then it printed across the top part of the paper only. I then used print preview option but no matter what options I tried in terms of scaling, paper sizing and orientation both inside Affinity and the driver config, I could not get the image to size itself correctly to the 6x4 preview. After 30 minutes I gave up, and within 2 minutes I had loaded the image into PhotoShop CS6 and printed off with ease. In CS6 all I had to do was choose 6x4, landscape option and tick Fit to Media and it printed perfectly. So whilst the Affinity Photo features look great, and love that there is a decent Help system and tutorial videos, I found myself becoming very frustrated at what I thought would be a trivial part of the workflow. Can somebody help advise please? Thanks, Mike
  7. I am trying to print 5x7 borderless to a Canon Pro-10 printer. I constantly get printer error 1062. Which says that the width of the paper loaded is is shorter. In the print preview I see that the paper it wants is 8.5 in x 11 in even though I have specified 5x7. I also note that 5x7 size is not available in the paper size in your print dialog.
  8. Hello! I've just started using Affinity Photo on windows, and it's look promising although i can't figure out one thing. Is it possible to add other channels to work with? I'm mostly using PS to prepare files for DTG printer, where I need to create channel that represents white ink. In AP eg. when working with CMYK, there are only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black channels, and I can't add my own (or i don't know how). Anyont can help me? Thanks :)
  9. EDIT: This is for Affinity Designer, sorry I forgot to mention in the subject! When I create posters to be printed in larger formats (like DIN A1 or something), I sometimes want to print a preview on my A4 office laser printer, to get a better impression of some details (like font sizes, for instance). An A4 sheet that I can stick to the wall allows to see some things better than on the screen at my desk. In this case, I dont want to print a "tiled"version of the whole drawing wasting time and 8 sheets of paper, only to find my desired detail printed prarted on two sheets that I need to tape together – I rather want the critical detail in 1:1 sale on one single page. So I am missing some option to print only a detail of the whole drawing, i.e. crop the drawing for printing (sorry for my English, is this the right term?). I can imagine three locations where I would look for such functionality: In the print dialog, where the preview is, I would like to drag a frame where I want the output to be cropped (very intuitive but probably more work to implement) In the "Scaling and artboards" section of the print dialog, it would be nice to be able to select slices (from the export persona) as well as the ArtBoards and the whole document. In the export persona, next to PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, etc., have an export type "Print" that I can add to a slice. In my opinion, 2 and 3 would be nice and consistent with the overall concept. I could just create a slice covering the detail view I want to print, and the view would be stored in the drawing (so I can create consistent printouts of exactly the same view when modifying my poster). Option 1 is very intuitive but has the disadvantage that the cropped area is probably not stored, but gone after each time. PS. As a workaround, adding a temporary artboard (with transparent background) on the desired detail just for printing does not work, the resulting page is empty probably because the objects are not part of the actual artboard but in the artboard lying below. Of course, I can export a slice as pdf and then print the pdf, but that is not as efficient as I would think Affinity can be :-) . Thanks! BTW, great work, I really love to see how Affinity Designer gets even better with each update!
  10. IPF Print Plug for Canon Printers. Must have. Provides for best print results for Canon printers.
  11. Hi Affinity Team - I hope I am posting this in the correct location. I've posted before - with zero replies. Is there a tech support page? I have been having major printing problems ever since the new update to AD - 1.5.1 Because of these issues I decided to download 1.5.2 - Beta 3 - it's seems I am still having the same issues and I'm not sure if I have a setting wrong, a printer that might be the problem, or just plain user error? However, I never had these problems before the update and the app has worked always worked great. If you look at the attachments it might explain the problems a bit more. Basically, what is showing on the art board that I am printing is very different then the printed page. I also have attached the file for each - one in AD 1.5.1 and the other in AD 1.5.2 - Beta 3. I did a little test with these simple shapes and I added some effects. Orange Star has an Outer Shadow, the Blue Square has a Bevel/Emboss Effect as well as the Red Circle and the Heart has 3D Effect, etc...... Can anyone help me with these issues? Cheers - Mario - My printer is Canon Pro-100 I also had printer errors saying could not print filters? My only work around is to use Adobe Illustrator Beta Test Printing with Issues copy.afdesign Working Christmas Woody 2 copy.afdesign
  12. Hello - I need some help I attached some photo's to better explain the problem I am having. I am printing a Art Board with my finished work - it looks just fine on screen - but when I print it, the finished result is very different. One problem is text is much larger then what is seen on Art Board. The Text has a Bevel/Emboss Effect, but when printed it's all strange and cut off. Under the text is a shadow which was done by copy/paste/flip and then converted into curves to align, grouped and then given a Linear Gradient Fill. The image of the car was given the same Bevel/Emboss Effect and the shadow is the same as the Text. I've never had a problem when I print - this is the first time since the latest update. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. I have been working on a cover design in Affinity Designer and I was curious as to how publishers like to receive files. Do I send the native Affinity file or a PDF or something else? I ask because the set up is different then it has been in the past. The people writing the book are doing the work in Word instead of a layout program for an example. I would love to know what experiences others have had in this area. When I self published by first book with InDesign (just using a basic laser printer) I would export the interior as a PDF and then print the cover straight out of InDesign. Since the cover is just one page (of course) I figured Affinity could handle that job.
  14. Hi, I'm using the newly released AD 1.5 and loving it. I just haven't found a way to print multiple artboards onto one page. Is this possible? Thanks
  15. Hey there! I have an image that shows a grey bar on the right edge, looking like a gradient (see the print preview in the attached screenshot). But this bar is not visible in the picture itself at all. And it isn't visible on exported versions of the photo. Can someone explain that to me? Is it my fault, or did i find a bug? Another photo from the same shooting with nearly the same effects on it doesn't show this bar I can provide the .afphoto file and also a working one for comparison. Thx Markus
  16. I was wondering for screen printing, if there any timeline for the halftone filters in Photo or Designer? How about printing host based separations from either program? Thank you.
  17. Hi, Question :) , I'm about to prepare a multiple file page for printing, going to have especial crop edges and all the crop margins you need to send to printers. I have create several artboards in the same file and Im thinking in change it to pages to make the bleeds but I don't know if that is the best option. Someone know how to add bleeds in the artboards?
  18. Greetings all, I created a document with 6 letter-sized artboards, each spaced .5" apart. When I tried printing, I noticed the content on artboards 02-06 were all shifted .5" to the right exponentially, and add an extra page. Saving the document as a PDF thru the print dialog replicates the issue (see attached). Has anyone else noticed this glitch? Cheers! jB jboissy-artboard-glitch.pdf
  19. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to print a section of an image to specific dimensions. Let's say I have a picture which I'm cropping to a specific ratio; the cropped area is significantly smaller than the full document, is of a different ratio, and is off center. I want to then print that cropped section to a specific size on paper (to fit within the window of a matte.) How can I achieve this? Setting absolute dimensions (say, 7.6x9.6 inches, which is the matte's opening) makes a crop that is much tighter than what I want. Resizing the canvas to the specific dimensions produces the same result. Resizing the document is hit-or-miss, because I have to guess at the resulting size to get the cropped area to the dimensions I want. I can print the cropped area and specify sizing in percentages, but again I have to guess as to what percentage gives me the size I want. All I want to do is make a crop, then tell AP to print that crop to a specific size. This is easy to do in Aperture or LR, but seems devilishly difficult to do in AP. What am I doing wrong?
  20. I thought it would be nice if there was a way to have designer show us or warn us if we use lines that are too thin to be printed (not a warning every time you use or make a line though). I was thinking something like a gamut warning in a photo app. If you selected the "line warning" in the Views, it would highlight lines that might be a problem if they went to print. That way we would know which lines to make thicker. I worked for a publishing company before and one problem that we often had was designers would use lines that show up on screen but wouldn't print because they were too thin. Hokusai
  21. Export to PDF for example has far more export options, like: - Overprinting black - Text as curves - Down-sampling
  22. When printing A4 size with the printer set to Photo and paper set to Epson photo quality inkjet I get 1/4 of the photo. As if the page was set to A2. If the printer is set to Text the A4 prints as normal (but only text quality). Help
  23. Hi there, What format should I save a large affinity design file to be sent to a printer and turned into a banner? I've been creating a banner for the local karate club, on and off, for some time now. I had to come onto this forum before regarding some issues with the stability of it, which have been sorted now... We've finally got it to where we like it, and would like to send it to the printer for a sample and ultimately printing. The banner is to be five metres wide and just under a meter tall. Every file I've sent them so far, they've been unable to open, has appeared pixelated or is too large for them to deal with... I've tried a .svg, .jpg and a .pdf. Please, can someone help? This might just kill me... I'll post links below to the dropbox files so you can take a look. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ff9qser123nsn1n/dojobannerprintvariant2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v49136o7yf9sfro/dojobannerprintvariant2.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4zbgyxlm15cx81/dojobannerprintvariant2.afdesign?dl=0 Thanks!!!
  24. Hi, can anyone advise, I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 II, I take photos in RAW with Nikon D7000 and adjust in Affinity but recently printed off on A4 and not happy with colour as per screen, this may be due to calibration of my macbook pro, (retina) but also down to the paper I used which was quite old Looking at various options on the net, i.e. calibration, sRGB against RGB etc., I also on Affinity under document found Convert or Assign ICC profile and within this options for printer and paper and at bottom highlighted was sRGB. My question is, under either or both of these profiles should I choose the printer/print paper I am going to use or as I have been doing just export them and select jpg option. Sorry if this sounds a stupid question but I have never before looked into this and it only arose because on several occasions I have been unhappy with the print colour again what I expect to see and at times they have come out a lot darker when printed. Also I am relatively new to Affinity Thanks in advance Sue
  25. I needed a simple large arrow (A4) outline only 18.8 pt. Tried printing on Samsung laser Xpress M2026 and it only printed the arrow with hairline pt. Then tried on Canon MG6650 with interesting result - the horizontal lines were thick, the diagonal lines about half as thick and the vertical line about 1pt. I then remade the arrow in CorelDraw and it printed on the Samsung fine.
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