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  1. pela

    The Box Set by Wren

    I just purchase I can't wait to try them..
  2. Sierra and Capitan both are not opening tiff files in beta affinity photo says something like is only a reading file but you go to the affinity photo non beta and opens plop
  3. Hi, Question :) , I'm about to prepare a multiple file page for printing, going to have especial crop edges and all the crop margins you need to send to printers. I have create several artboards in the same file and Im thinking in change it to pages to make the bleeds but I don't know if that is the best option. Someone know how to add bleeds in the artboards?
  4. Hi I being trying to find a way to transform part of a vector selection. Grab some nods in my image and transform like scale and rotate..
  5. pela

    1.4.2 Mac updates out now

    Thank you for the help I was trying to find that page and my eyes burn I couldn't see it ahhhhh!! Thankkssss
  6. pela

    1.4.2 Mac updates out now

    Hi, my affinity designer beta is telling me that I have to purchase the affinity D to use it and the funny thing I purchase long ago is there but is not seeing it. Thanks any help
  7. Thanks the affinity designer beta work wonderfully
  8. ops I forgot to say I'm using affinity designer
  9. Hi I'm a procreate user and I do the last tweak in photoshop. But I just got affinity and I was thinking can be a good combo work in the two programs. Well I can't open any of my psd files. all of them say the file could not be parsed.. Now im wondering what to do