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  1. Hi, can anyone advise, I have a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 II, I take photos in RAW with Nikon D7000 and adjust in Affinity but recently printed off on A4 and not happy with colour as per screen, this may be due to calibration of my macbook pro, (retina) but also down to the paper I used which was quite old Looking at various options on the net, i.e. calibration, sRGB against RGB etc., I also on Affinity under document found Convert or Assign ICC profile and within this options for printer and paper and at bottom highlighted was sRGB. My question is, under either or both of these profiles should I choose the printer/print paper I am going to use or as I have been doing just export them and select jpg option. Sorry if this sounds a stupid question but I have never before looked into this and it only arose because on several occasions I have been unhappy with the print colour again what I expect to see and at times they have come out a lot darker when printed. Also I am relatively new to Affinity Thanks in advance Sue
  2. Thank you for your quick response, no I hadn't set it to white but I watched the video time and again. I went back on after receiving your email and low and behold when I watched it again it does not tell you to turn it to white there it is now across the bottom of the screen in bit white writing. I have now tried on affinity and it is working fine. thank you.
  3. Hi, Can you advise please, I have been following the videos, I am working on a Macbook Pro and find the Quick Mask does not work as per your video. I am also trying to adjust the eyes on an Owl picture I took recently. I have the video running and Affinity and copying step by step, I select the Quick Mask square at top of the screen, get a red overlay, select the paint brush tool, adjust the size etc as shown but when I hover over the mask nothing happens and if I try to paint again nothing happens. I click Q and nothing happens. I have re-watched the video over and over to no avail. Over to you please. Thanks Sue
  4. Thank you, I also I will follow above, but there is no Gill Sans MT giving a two letter height as in tutorial now.
  5. I am trying to follow the above tutorial and work on Affinity at the same time, why is the Character Box on my Affinity completely different to the one in the tutorial video. Mine is a lot smaller and does not show half of what is in the tutorial video. It instructs us to alter the tracking but this box alone does not appear on my version of Affinity. Look forward to your comments please.
  6. Thank you all for your advice, I will try what you suggest and see how I get on.
  7. HI Darren, I tried the healing brush and chose an area in the sky just above the white line and settings as advised but got a greenish line when I painted am I doing anything wrong. Regards Sue
  8. Could someone advise please, I have made adjustments to this in both RAW and Photo Persona but I have a white line between the sky and horizon. For the sky in RAW i used an overlay to adjust the sky only. I have spent days watching the various videos and can't seem to find anything that can help to correct what is to me a problem. I am new to editing ,thank you in advance. Sue H
  9. Thank you Stefano, I like the bullet point instructions a lot easier to follow sometime. I've been trying the above this afternoon and gradually getting there. regards Sue
  10. Thank you, I have I know I have a lot to learn and will work through the videos, Im not sure what you are describing yet but Ill have a go. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your reply, I have watched this video but at the moment I want to adjust just the sky enhancing the existing clouds etc., giving more of a punch to them. I know in Lightroom which I trailed before purchasing Affinity you could drag down a line and then adjust the area you wanted and from different angles. I didn't know if Affinity had this or something similar. I like Affinity and am working through the videos although they do speak to fast to follow at times but not sure where to look.
  12. Hi, can anyone advise please, new to Affinity and want to make improvements to the sky, have been following videos but not sure how to go about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you
  13. Hi, I am new to Affinity and following your videos but although they are very clearly spoken the speed of the actions is far to fast to follow. The tutor knows what he is doing but us newbies do not therefore very difficult.
  14. I know its probably a completely stupid question but when working on a photo, making adjustments i.e. selecting a tool from the left hand side, how do you de-select it when you have finished using it.
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