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Found 3,495 results

  1. Pop Art Face comic style. Affinity Photo Tutorial requested by one of my Digitally Fearless subscribers. This tutorial uses blend modes, FX and a double half tone. https://youtu.be/9R1w1pRsAgU
  2. When I have a layer selected and press "v" (move tool) while the move tool is already selected affinity photo jumps to a layer which starts with the name "v". I really don't want that. Is there a way to turn off layer selection by (first character of the layer) name?
  3. Here are some general christmas theme silhouettes as vector assets for reusage in Affinity Photo & Designer & Publisher. The associated assets file: xmas_silhouettes.afassets Have a nice time!
  4. That's something I reported times (years) ago, but nothing happend so far! - In the stroke panel the miter label (german: "Gehrung") covers the corner selection button type selection and thus makes it pretty difficult (sometimes impossible) to select the underlayed selection button. screencast.mp4 Either make the stroke panel wider or abbreviate the localized label entry. - This affects all Affinity versions (ADe, APh, APu), I can't believe this still isn't fixed in the actual Affinity v1.8.4/v.1.8.6 line!
  5. Hello, I wanted to stitch photos together but then I noticed that the result was much darker and the highlights have been clipped. I was wondering if there are adjustments to disable the behaviour of automatically tweaking the photo. Because I very much like total control over these settings. I linked the Pano and on of the source images. Is that normal? Can I change that, or do I have to accept this flaw?
  6. I have been playing at colorizing old family photos with a fascinating AI called "DeepAI" The results were then imported to Photo and hit with various filters and curves and color tools. The AI isn´t quite there yet but give it another few years of learning and it will be mainstream. In the meantime I think these pictures came out pretty good considering some of them are over a hundred years old.
  7. I have just started shooting in RAW only (Sony A7iii) so obviously when I open the image in AP in will open in the develop persona, now I would normally just click the develop tab so it would open in the photo persona and I would edit my image from here. Should I be doing the editing in the Develop Persona first ? What's the difference between editing in the develop persona compared to developing in the photo persona ? How far should I edit my image in the develop persona before doing the final if any editing in the photo persona ? Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am facing a peculiar issue. I have two windows laptops on which Affinity photo is installed. But only on one of them I get this error when exporting an image after finishing the edit - If I turn the embed metadata option off, then it works. However, on the other laptop there is no such issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling affinity photo on the machine, but the issue persists. Incidentally, the machine with this issue is the faster of the two. How can I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi! In the Beta, using the inline paiting results oft in a strange behaviour: The the painting "jumps" to another part of the screen. See screenshot. Regards
  10. I've finally entered the world of creative advertising, by submitting my entry to The Chip Shop Awards for judging next spring. Not a cheap hobby. Being allowed to create something witty, close to the knuckle and quite apt is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. This is my entry. It is an ointment manufacturer, helping out the seasonal homeless down under, buy their product and they'll donate the proceeds to a charity. Of course it is full of puns, some of you know me well enough by now! Its called How can you sleep when the Bush is burning? Pungent: noun. a bloke with rotten jokes!🤢 The photo is from the web. The packaging was done this Spring in AD. The skewing, backlighting and montage was done in APh. Wish me luck. Peter (The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity. It's a platform where anything and everything is allowed, an awards show with no rules and no boundaries meaning the possibilities are endless!) The prizes are not glossy statues or metallic masks: they are a resin bottle of vinegar and an oversized chip.
  11. No matter what image file I open, when I attempt to export, I see the export dialog very briefly and then it crashes the application. I just bought this to get off of Photoshop. Hopefully there is a solution here. I'd consider this pretty severe. Any idea of what I can do to get around this? Exporting is sort of... important. I'm on the base Macbook Air M1 (8core/7core GPU).
  12. The inner kid in me felt the need to work with some chalk colors. Here is a Crayola Sidewalk Chalk (64).afpalette to get you creating until you can get outside. Enjoy, - T V Crayola Sidewalk Chalk (64).afpalette
  13. These sliders in PS 2021 called “neural filters” are insane! Face detection Aging, smoothing human skin Adding / removing volumetric hair Changing eye gaze angle Turning angle of face add a smile or a frown onto the photo model you are editing -waaaAt! Automatic sky replacement - Sick! Much more.. It’s almost coming across as if customizing a character inside a RPG game, stuff like this indicates to me... we are definitely moving into software you would see in a Sci Fi movie. The era of Cloud computing and AI machine learning algorithms are getting closer. Features like these ever reach Affinity Photo on iPad game over!! I will pay serif for an update like this.
  14. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about how to create a dispersion / splatter effect in Affinity photo. So you can make your object looks like it turns into dust or small particles and fading away from the main body using this effect. I hope you like this video, thank you!
  15. Hi there, I'm watching a Black & White photography tutorial, in which the instructor is using Photoshop. I'm trying to map what he's doing in PS to Affinity Photo, and part of the problem is that I don't use or know AP all that well. The instructor has taken a color image and converted it to B&W by using a gradient map. He then moved the middle gray point a bit to the right, so as to give the blacks "more room to stretch out. More tonal room to operate", darkening the entire image. (See attached photo) Next, added a new color stop, which also gave him another middle gray point. With that send middle gray point, he moved it to the left, thus darkening the blacks even more. (See attached photo). He did further adjustments to refine the blacks and whites, using the 2 middle gray points that he had, as well as moving the stop to dial in exactly what he wants. To that end, can this be done in Affinity Photo, and if so, how? I wasn't able to figure it out, but I'm still pretty new to AF, though a long time user of PS, though I haven't used it in years. Cheers!
  16. i saved my project in Affinjity Photo own format. when i open single layer project where i place photo top it in this drawing what i have this single layer goes top of picture even normal layer mode. earlier is fully replaced things what are bottom of layer stack. of course i can put photo back of this layer when looks what i expect. or i forgotted how i used them. actually photos (when i added jpeg to of png) work way what i expect. this affinity fle thing is actually useful doing one thing if use such document in guidelines (they are not part end project) of whole project. they show then top of all elements. oddness is these cases work different way and this affinity documnet way is better actually this what i try do.
  17. When selecting "JPEG" in the export persona, the slice doesn't display correctly the format:
  18. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following extremely frustrating feature: One thing I do a lot is join multiple images together, so I'm frequently using the Resize Document or Resize Canvas options. Unlike Photoshop, where you can easily change the height of your 720 px high image to be 1440 so you can add the 2nd graphic, Affinity Photo *always* has the "constrain" lock set to on, so making any change to the Y axis is reflected it the X axis. I have to manually turn this off, which means I can't automate anything or work quickly. (I am a big fan of Keyboard Maestro, a tool for automating pretty much anything, an hacking things with UI scripting if there's no other option. I see a user who is similiarly obsessive as me has made a 'hack' to fix this frustrating feature of AP, here https://infinitediaries.net/fixing-affinity-photoss-resize-canvas-with-keyboard-maestro/ .) Please fix this frustrating aspect of AP! Either allow the "lock" to remember its last position (if unlocked, remain unlocked) or give us a preference to set the default we need.
  19. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following repeatable bug: If I've altered an image, it's expected that AP ask me if I want to save the altered image. However, merely making a selection, such as select all then copying the image to paste elsewhere, causes the app to ask me if I want to save my "altered" image. This is not correct behavior as far as Mac or PC software goes, so the bug should be fixed. To replicate, open any JPEG, select all, then close with command + W. The program asks if I want to save the "altered" image even though it hasn't been touched. I hope you like my choice of example image
  20. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following frustrating feature: At first, I was horrified at the way keypresses automatically "toggled" through multiple tools, such as hitting M four times for four different kinds of marquee selectors. I've got 30+ years of Photoshop muscle memory, and when I hit the M key, I want a rectangle marquee selector, and nothing else. Happily I saw this that you can turn this off in this post: However, while turning on "use shift key to toggle tools" and de-selecting the tools I don't want to use in the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences, the program makes an annoying "error sound" (system beep) if I hit M while the rectangle marquee is already selected, or V if the move tool is already selected. Having the program no longer turn on/turn off the tool I'm using if I am barbaric enough to select a tool that's already selected is greatly appreciated, but the goal is to just use the tool (M for square marquee, T for text, V for moving layers) without hearing a lot of error beeps in my ears. It's caused me to turn the volume down, which means I can't listen to music while I work. The desired behaivior is that the tool just be selected if I press that key, and if it's already selected, then the program should not react at all (not beep an error sound). Please address this seemingly small frustration!
  21. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following repeatable bug: If I'm in the middle of a Crop operation, I'm able to close the image without AP asking me "do you want to apply the crop?" or "Do you want to save the file?" It just closes. Steps to reproduce Open an image Type C to start a Crop Move the crop lines a little Type command W to close the image The image closes immediately with no warning. The app should ask me if I want to apply the crop, and then if I want to save the changed document but it doesn't, it just closes the document. It's a small bug bug one we'd like fixed!
  22. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following repeatable bug: Closing an image that has changes that need to be saved causes the program to ask me if I want to save (which is normal), but after it saves and closes the image, I end up with a blank functionaless window where my open file used to be. Since the blank window is a bug, I can't even close it with command + W and must use the mouse to click the close box (frustrating). Steps to recreate: Open an image Draw some random lines somewhere Type command W to close The app asks if I want to save (which is expected) If I click Save, it saves and closes the document...but leaves the dead window behind. If I save the file first, then close with command W, everything works fine. This is a frustrating visual bug that I would love to have fixed. Incidentally, closing a changed with the close box instead of command W also leaves the dead window behind. So it's not just the keyboard shortcut.
  23. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following repeatable bug: It's great that we can exercise such control over things like keyboard shortcuts for our tools. I noticed that there's a bug that results in the "slider" (the visible UI element you pill up and down when scrolling up and down manually) is "active" even though it's not visible (because it disappears after a few seconds). So when I clicked the X box to remove some shortcuts, it caused the keyboard shortcuts to scroll up and down as if I'd scrolled. I have to click on the left side if the X circle to get it to register removal, rather than scroll my options up or down. A very small bug but one I thought 'd bring to your attention.
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