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    TARGA file please?

    THANK YOU SERIF!!! You guys and gals are awesome. Launched photo today, and just had a feeling I should check to see if TGA was there as an export format. When I saw that option on the far right, my heart jumped. Had to close export and open it up again just to be sure. Just exported a TGA w/ transparency (using default settings) and imported it into UE4. Transparency showed up perfect w/o any further setting manipulation in UE4! Shouldn't this issue be marked as solved?
  2. Apologies in advance if this has already been asked. I used to use inkscape to export svgs and then import them into Blender. Found Affinity Photo exports svg. I've tried to export svgs (in Affinity Photo) using most of the presets. importing them into Blender gives me no actual data, just an empty category with the name of the exported/imported svg file. Curious if anyone knows all the settings that need to be set in order to import into Blender. Or do I have to use a different program to export the svg, like I have to do with tga? Thanks!
  3. ahd2000.pdf I'm trying to view this pdf in affinity photo but it doesn't show correctly. I can view it using Chrome no problem. Is there a relatively easy way to view Eastern fonts in Affinity Photo 1.65+?
  4. I've seen threads on both efficient channel packing and tga export. Both ended (about a year or more ago) with good arguments for it, but no valid or constructive arguments against. I was under the impression that Affinity devs accepted the request (at least for TGA export), but I couldn't locate any updates regarding it on the roadmap. TGAs are heavily, if not solely, used by Epic Games. A company I work for in Japan relies on them, too, but they generally do game dev on Unity.
  5. I'd like to select a continguous group of pixels (same color) and then stroke select them to draw an outline extending away from the selection. Rummaged through threads for almost an hour and couldnt find out how to do it, though I did see mention that stroke selection was possible in Designer. Seems really complicated. Could someone give me a step by step, or link me to a vid that explains the aforementioned procedure? I can do it gimp really easy, but I don't know how to do it in Affinity Designer or Photo. I use Photo most of the time, but it seems I have to use Designer to do stroke selection. Not sure though... Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I generally work with Unreal Engine 4. I have found that tga is the file format Epic Games themselves use the most. To the best of my memory, all of the files Epic Games supply in their example content contain tga texture files, not png - perhaps it's just something about how their engine decodes images that makes it the format least susceptible to issues. I have also found that I usually have problems (though it depends on what I'm doing with the channels in the engine) using gimp to export 32 bit pngs (with alpha). I've been using UE4 full time for 2 years, I can't recall every having a problem with a tga file exported from gimp. pngs on the other hand are flakey af. Unity is a different story. It accepts all sorts of file formats, so I can't speak to it. But, for UE4, tga format is my go-to. 'tis a pity I currently have to use gimp to export my tga's. Adds at least 10 seconds to every texture export, and that adds up. Unfortunately, I'm stubborn and refuse to use a different app just to export a specific format. I've never used PS professionally. I've used gimp for about 7 years and I still primarily use it for professional game dev because it supports a ton of formats and its channel packing feature is far more efficient than Krita and the current Affinity Photo workflow (imo). This is all in spite of the fact AP is better on all other accounts (selecting, masking, filters, preview). On a related note, efficient channel packing workflows rated in order of efficiency: PS > Gimp > AP/Krita. Really loving Photo otherwise, though! Thank you Affinity!! Imma still refer all my non-game dev friends to it!
  7. I was wondering if there is any new news about this. Seems many game devs have already requested tga export functionality and a more convenient channel packing workflow, but I haven't seen any response from Affinity devs regarding if or when it will ever happen. I currently use gimp for all of the above, but it would be great if I could do everything in Affinity photo or designer. Thanks in advance for any help in these regards.

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