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  1. I'm perfectly aware of this , but IIRc was released a week ago.... so please read carefully what is written before replying...
  2. Here ( on el capitan) is still say me I have the newest version available.... remind me when was released ? perhaps a nasty bug somewhere... ?
  3. No it's a 2009 macbookpro Core2duo under El Capitan
  4. On my laptop, beta 145 asked me for update to 157 at 12:00 today..., now on my mac mini, it says 145 is the newest available... (will add more infos later when bringing back the laptop to home)
  5. hello, not really a bug but something annoying... I installed Publisher on my main mac and also on my laptop which is not often connected to the internet. 3 days ago , when launching beta 140, it tells me that the beta is timouted and that I have to download the new version (145)... I remember that the update from 140 to 145 was about 40MB.... So I find very stupid to force to a full download while the update is on the server... I think a good way to manage that would be to force to upgrade to continue using the software... another (strange ?) thing... today after having launched the beta 140 145, it asked me to upgrade to 157... ok let's go it starts downloading for around 116 MB IIRC.... ok but when coming back to my laptop, it was downloading a more than 300MB "file".. moreover after stoppng the process, it seems the 116MB will have to be downloading again for updating.... So I'll take the laptop home and update through wifi and not using 4G as usual...