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  1. i just read this post now... and i have to say, i'm a user of coreldraw since roundabout 25 years. they had the option of embedding fonts in their EPS-exportfilter since the beginning, and the import of EPS files with embedded fonts has been working from the start, too. there was always the choice of importing text as vectors or as text for editing it. in the most cases (99 %) everything's been fine, especially if the fonts were installed - in other cases there has been the choice of panose as you use it in the PDF importfilter. so what's the problem with creating EPS import- and exportfilters with editable text?
  2. joern_ki

    Publisher crashes at start

    hi jon! with the new beta it seems to work... so far! thanx for your help
  3. joern_ki

    Publisher crashes at start

    hi jon! that's bad to hear! what did you mean with " Does the release build also crash on run up?" it crashes when i want to start the app.
  4. all was fine from the beginning i installed publisher. then i updated to the last beta version and everything turned out fine, too! i was working on some projects with no problem. but since some days publisher crashes very often when i want to start the app. i was guessing a fontcache problem because every time the program was starting i saw the welcome window saying it's loading the fonts. but short time after that the app was crashing. i deleted the cache from time to time and sometimes it helped... but it didn't solve the problem at the end. 2 times i was putting away the prefs to start fresh- guess what! no deal! one week ago i updated to WIN10 1903. don't know whether this has anything to do with it. i put the last DMP files to this notice. c81cac41-9002-43ce-94f7-d5e591517e88-dump.dmp 46331f14-fe33-4de0-a512-6fae575f98a5.dmp

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