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  1. joel_ec

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - RC2)

    So better downloading the full archive....
  2. joel_ec

    Publisher crashes at start

    release build = the non beta 1.7.1 version
  3. joel_ec

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Just a little question, is it planned to edit a French Version ?
  4. joel_ec

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Just a little suggestion for betas... It would be nice if all betas from now could have a Beta sign in their icon as there was for the early betas of publisher... it helps easily recognizing them in the dock...
  5. joel_ec

    UI Bug with tab key

    ok so we do have the exact same behaviour
  6. joel_ec

    UI Bug with tab key

    for me the tab order is : X Y W H R S without icon... I also tested in german, english and french : same behaviour... I just checked, my installer file is .408. (it seems .404 is final windows version while .408 is final macOS version, both from A Store) just wondering, could it be some confusions between some files from the beta versions ? (from the program) Would be interesting to have some feedback from the Dev Team... If I have some time, i'll try to have a running 10.12 to make some tests... PS : El Capitan is 10.11
  7. joel_ec

    UI Bug with tab key

    Tested on 3 different machines (macbook pro 2009/elcapitan, mac mini 2011/Mojave, mac mini 2014 Mojave) and same comportment, tab works like a charm and shift tab only works from "R:" and "S:", then it stuck. For me the order seems ok : one tab to go from X to Y and One tab to go from W: to H: About the tab key and global UI, I perfectly know what you write, but choosing this key by Default is not a good idea IMHO.
  8. Launch Af Pub and select an object (create it if necessary), then go to the "transform" window triple click on the mesure into the "X:" box... then use the tab key to switch to other strings on the window... every thing works.... now use shift+ tab to switch in reverse order... now it only works from the "R:" and "S:" box, it doesn't work from the 4 other boxes. BTW I think it's really a bad idea to use the TAB key by default to switch on/off the UI
  9. In Designer (latest Launch the program, then if any document is open, close it (them), the go to view/studio/isometric to open the isometric settings window Then click on the "modify grid" button to open "Grid and snapping axis" window... now if you click on Basic or Advance or Cube, it will immediatly crash. (Of course, it works fine if a document or an empty page is there)
  10. I agree, this way 10.7 and 10.8 users (and I know they aren't really numerous) can buy from Affinity store... so it makes more money for you... and perhaps you'll do the same way for other functionalities when dropping 10.9 full support. Personally, I'm using Mojave, El Capitan and Lion on 2 different locations (+ a laptop) and i would prefer using Photo and publisher on my 24" white imac than using the laptop.. I bought Photo from the MAS and preordered Publisher from the Affinity store... but I wonder if I should cancel the preorder and buy it from the MAS... or not.
  11. If I understand correctly, it means that in terms of sandboxing MAS versions and betas are identical... so why are the Affinity store releases different ?
  12. Another question about preordering (or not) Publisher... Photo and Designer are (as shown on the MAS) 10.7 compatible but only 10.9 for the Affinity store version... I still have 10.7 machines and I enjoy using Photo 1.6 on it (I know 1.7 betas were not working on 10.7 : i tested without success). So THE question : Will the MAS Publisher version be able to run on Lion ? and why a compatibility difference between MAS and Affinity store version for at least Photo and Designer. ?
  13. Same here on the mac version just tested with MacAppStore purchased version of APhoto and it works (I'm not a Adesigner customer)
  14. I'm perfectly aware of this , but IIRc was released a week ago.... so please read carefully what is written before replying...
  15. Here ( on el capitan) is still say me I have the newest version available.... remind me when was released ? perhaps a nasty bug somewhere... ?