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  1. I'm not sure if it's my Windows 10 set up or simply that the font for the Help has been fixed as such but it is very difficult to read in V1.8.5.703 on all 3 products. Something other than an Italic font (assuming it's not my PC of course) would be more readable
  2. Your first problem may be an issue with the file itself and the techs might be able to resolve that. Your second issue sounds as though you have linked rather than embedded images. Unless you place the images on the 2nd computer in a similar folder path then Publisher won't locate them.
  3. Exceptional! I use Photoshop and Lightroom as a professional photographer but bought Affinity Photo last night so I now have the full set. Also much easier to use it as part of Studio Link than dipping in and out of Photoshop to effect changes to images. Thankyou for your support to the community. Every bit helps.
  4. I'm not able to reproduce it though. It wasn't a problem in the Beta or in the Beta release candidate. Have you tried uninstalling and doing a clean install?
  5. Have you never heard of the need to be polite if you want something done? Bugs occur and do get fixed. Given that Publisher is like its competitors primarily intended to generate files to be sent to print houses to professionally print I'm not surprised that a relatively minor bug relating to home duplex printing isn't being dealt with as a fast tracked number one priority.
  6. It would be more helpful if you explained what is wrong with the widow and orphan function. Footnotes - well I understand that's on the horizon but many designers I know that use InDesign don't use the footnote function at all and prefer to create them manually, but that's not a reason for the function not to be in Publisher. What do you want from a Book function? As for speed - I'm at a loss. Publisher is extremely fast and makes InDesign look like a snail in comparison. What computer are you using? You say you test Publisher from time to time but it was launched less than 6 months ago at a price level less than 10% that of Indesign or Quark Express. That's not to say that we shouldn't have high expectations but we should cut our cloth etc. It took Adobe with profits in the billions and an unlimited access to programmers and developers in their budget years to get InDesign to the same level that Publisher has already achieved. Constructive criticism is helpful, and positive. This just sounds like an InDesign fan bad mouthing another product.
  7. The latest beta on Mac has a templates option and apparently will be included in possibly the next Windows beta. I guess that will create a market for lots of templates.
  8. Whilst Serif is essentially the same company, Affinity is a totally different concept from the previous line of products. None of the range of Affinity products is backwardly compatible for quite obvious coding reasons. I also had a large number of Pageplus & Drawplus files and simply converted them to appropriate formats (PDF, SVG) so I could import them into the Affinity products. Serif isn't the only company that has been through a similar change in product architecture that has resulted in their having to abandon backwards compatibility. I also recognise that I no longer have any use for the majority of the documents I created in the past and if I'm simply retaining them for archival purposes then keeping a pdf version of a PPP document is absolutely fine for me especially knowing that I can always import it into APub and work on it. When Pass through is eventually sorted that should make the process even easier.
  9. You may have a corrupted cldflt.sys issue which is fairly well documented. https://www.exefiles.com/en/sys/cldflt-sys/
  10. With scrubby zoom selected if you select the zoom tool the move your mouse to the left of right with the left mouse button pressed then the page will zoom in and out. Its a feature of Indesign, Photoshop and other software and useful.
  11. Have a look at this site. It looks as if you may have a corrupted cldflt.sys issue which is fairly well documented. The most recent Windows update might be a factor - it has caused some users problems. https://www.exefiles.com/en/sys/cldflt-sys/
  12. Just thinking about this now you've mentioned it. I suppose the thinking is that it's helpful to be able to see the grid overlaid when you position elements and the grid can be turned of temporarily by pressing the preview icon but I see your point that if your standard option is to have the grid visible all the time then it can be distracting or even sometimes actually interfere with positioning elements. I notice that some other applications that use grid overlays have issues with how they are displayed and wonder if it's a programming thing?
  13. If you know that then I'm not sure shy you mentioned it. As I stated it appears to me that the object of StudioLink is to tweak not to take over the role of the base application. I'll leave that to Serif to comment on if they so wish rather than start a discussion among users about the underlying philosophy of Personas.
  14. But what if the text frames aren't connected? How would Publisher decide what you want to see? That's the difference between a Word Processor and a Desktop publisher. Pages in a DTP are individual elements whereas in a WP the document pages are simply divisions or breaks in a continuous stream of text.
  15. You're fed up of waiting? For what? Publisher was only released two months ago! you may have accessed the pre-release betas - but that's exactly what they were - pre-release. Mswift is right - InDesign took a couple of years to equal Quark Express and 20 years to reach the level of maturity it now achieves but Publisher has only been around for two months.
  16. I've always thought of Studio Link as enabling me to do those tweaks that it's a pain to go back and load up Photo or Designer to do but for things that require more work wouldn't it make more sense to open the image in Photo to complete?
  17. I agree. Irrespective of whether it is a document or image there should be consistency. All linked files whether up dated externally, using persona or by publisher itself should affect teh original. Embedded files should only affected the embedded object. There's probably a coding reason for the inconsistency but I've no idea what.
  18. The other reason may also be that the engine underpinning the Affinity range shares the same codebase for both the Windows and Mac versions. It would mean creating two separate sets of functions to call spell checking for Mac and Windows whereas using Hunspell probably simplifies things by enabling the same calling for both. Much other software does the same thing using Hunspell but doesn't necessarily make it obvious.
  19. I agree with fde101. We're moving onto another aspect which is profiling printers and that is another thing entirely. I use an agency to generate printer profiles for my printer/ calibrated monitor combination which gives as close a match as you can really hope to get. I agree about Pantone Color Bridge - it's normally a close enough match. As a photographer it's important for me to be able to provide consistent output for my clients - most of whom are book and magazine publishers and being able to print an image to a similar spec when required without having to resort to a professional print house for the odd image is useful. the same applies when producing output on Publisher - the ability to print out a hard copy on my printer and having a reasonably close match to the screen image is a bonus. The point ultimately is that you can never achieve more than an approximate match and part of the skill of working in front of a computer is to be able to anticipate the difference and allow for it when selecting colours.
  20. The only issue there is that you then really need an extremely expensive Pantone Swatch book (the one that matches the colour set you are going to use) so you can check what the Pantone colour will actually look like when printed. It's the strength of Pantone but the cost is its weakness.
  21. The only way to properly calibrate a monitor in the first instance is to use a colorimeter. To be honest the Mac and windows in built tools aren't any use and can't give you more than a vague nod in the right direction - they're not quite worse then useless but nearly. Palatino is quite right use sRGB unless you can properly calibrate your monitor. The two issues encountered on most monitors is that the colour temperature is set too high - usually at 9200K when it should be set to 6500K which is much redder than most people are used to but will display an image that is nearer what you will see on paper. The other issue tends to be that users set the brightness and contrast too high (or they are set too high as factory defaults). this will affect your perception of colour intensity and brightness to an unrealistic degree. Don't forget that there is a different between transmitted colour from a monitor and reflected colour from a print. The two are completely different ways of looking at colour and is the basis of colour theory. What it all boils down to is that if you want to be able to reproduce what you see on screen in a print then you'll need to do a fair bit of work and possibly invest in a colorimeter like Datacolor Spyder or Colormunki.
  22. I think you may have misunderstood me. I was being critical of those users who expect a fully formed product on day one and also want features that bear no relation to a Desk top Publishing application. what I was saying was that just because you can do something in a totally unrelated program it doesn't mean it is a reason to have it in Publisher. It's like expecting your local bus to also have wings and fly you to another country as well as drive you down the road to go shopping.
  23. Work your way through the requests forum. In the past couple of weeks there are at least half a dozen requests for or complaints that Publisher doesn't do something that some inappropriate non-DTP related app does and which wouldn't apply in a DTP in the first instance.
  24. I previously reported in one of the Betas that the Pin to Text function didn't work on pages in Text frames that had been created in Master Pages. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/95209-pin-to-text-bug/ It looks as if the Pin to Text function is now completely broken because I can't get it to work at all. Select the function then try to move the marker to a new location as in the screen capture in my previous post and and it won't move. It doesn't make any difference this time around whether the image and text are placed in a new frame in a page or in one created in a master page. I've edited this because after testing a few times there is a bit of an anomaly. The problem has returned exactly as previously reported (and fixed in one of the betas). The failure to work on a new Text frame created in a normal page seems to occur intermittently. I'm not sure if it's caused by having another document on a tab in Afpub at the same time, if that document having been created in an earlier version makes a difference or if it is another factor in play.
  25. It's telling that Serif opted to write the code for their three flagship products from scratch and re-launch them as Affinity. It demonstrates an understanding that now and again you have to take the plunge and start all over again rather than keep patching and increasing bloat in a product to produce something that is future proof. It never fails to amaze me how many posters predict the demise of Affinity publisher because two months after it's launch it not only doesn't do everything that ID and Quark do after 20+ years of development but also doesn't do things that 20 other apps that aren't DTP are capable of.
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