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  1. I solved the problem with a clean install of Windows 10. Nothing else would fix it. Another benefit was that it got rid of a lot of unwanted rubbish from my primary drive as well! It wasn't an Affinity problem but a Windows gremlin, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. Thank you for your replies and suggestions. I hadn't thought of searching for BSOD in the forum, so I hadn't found those posts. They do echo my problem and it's clearly a Windows OS gremlin from the last couple of updates. I did try CarlM's cldflt.sys corruption solutions, but those don't solve the problem. I'll have to try rolling back to an earlier Windows build and see if that resolves it.
  3. Hi I'm having a problem saving some files with Publisher on a PC with Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.449), although this was happening on a previous Windows build or two as well. The problem has occurred on publications which have had a single page with a single table on the page. When I use either Save or Save As, I can get as far as naming the file but as soon as I click to Save, I get the 'blue screen of death'. Attached is a photo of the screen showing the Windows crash information. Publications which have single or multiple pages of text, or text plus images, seem to save OK. It's the presence of the table that seems to dictate the crash. I have also had to avoid using the Glyphs tool in any publication, as this too has caused regular crashes, with cldflt.sys featuring in the Windows crash report, as with the above crashes. Anything I can do to prevent either of these types of crash happening? Many thanks
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